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Tag: culture

Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me customize my ringtone

Dear Auntie, Just got my first iPhone, but the ringtones stink! How do I take my super awesome Star Trek MIDI file and use it as a ringtone? Hugs and snuggles, JayW. in MN...

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TUAW Talkcast tonight at 10pm ET: Two new Mac apps and the culture of Apple

Editor's Note: Ow ow ow. We suffered a deeply frustrating TalkShoe fail this week and we were not able to do the show as scheduled. Our apologies to all our listeners; we'll be back next week on Sunday as scheduled. This week on the talkcast (which is what we like to call our podcast, since it's ove...

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Found Footage: The reality distortion field, caught on video

Think Apple's products are "really great," "incredible," "amazing," "really easy" to use, "awesome," "terrific," "incredible," "great," and "amazing"? If so, it's probably because Apple told you that's what they were in last week's presentation. The above video's been making the rounds -- it's all...

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iTunes podcasts for the discerning listener

open culture has a nice collection of recommended podcasts listed at their site. If you're a PBS/NPR kind of person, this list may hit the sweet spot for you. It ranges from daily Garrison Keillor stories to Scientific American's technology news to "Shakespeare-upon-iPod", a series of discussions on...

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Translation of Japanese 'Get a Mac' ads

Oliver Reichenstein and Moritz Zimmer at Information Architects Japan have posted a translation of the Japanese Get a Mac ads we posted earlier this month, complete with essential cultural contexts. Included is a breakdown of the meanings behind the actors (and their interesting similarity), what t...

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Mac users created, not born?

By this time it is a well-worn cliché that there are 10 kinds of personal computer users: those that get this joke, and those that don't Mac users and PC users. For the most part, we, particularly Mac users, want to see this distinction as personality-driven. We chose Macs because we're creat...

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iTMS offers cultural explorations through music with new Back to School section

Just in time for a new fall semester, the iTMS has introduced a Back to School (iTMS link) section, offering playlists based on the many cultures, cliques and stereotypes that (love it or hate it) exist and collide on so many college campuses across our great planet. Groups like Hipsters, Hippies, ...

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TDMW interviews DefectiveByDesign

Remember those crazy DefectiveByDesign kids in hazmat suites trying to give customers the 411 on DRM outside Apple Stores? TDMW (The Digital Music Weblog) snagged an interview with the DbD collective on the state of DRM, what their beef really is and where they believe things are headed. The group h...

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'The Fader' magazine issue available free on iTunes

Who says the iTMS is just for music and videos? The Fader is a magazine that is "the definitive voice of emerging music and the lifestyle that surrounds it," and embodying that lifestyle they are: available now, for free, from the iTMS is their July/August 39 page summer spectacular in PDF format c...

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