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Banca is the most beautiful currency converter for iOS

Banca is a currency converter available universally for iPhone and iPad. It supports a virtually endless list of currencies and converts amounts on the fly. It's also highly customizable with various theme and font options, plus the ability to add or remove currencies so you always have the ones ...

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Converter app makes measurement swaps a snap

Perhaps one of the staples of most forms of math and science is learning how to convert units of measurement from one form to another: cups to ounces, inches to yards, and of course mastering the nightmarish differences between US and metric measurements. Besides being one of the few things you le...

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Coinbase Bitcoin app pulled from Apple's App Store

Well that was fast! Less than a month after consumer-focused bitcoin platform Coinbase hit the App Store it's been yanked by Apple. As TechCrunch reports, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is baffled by Apple's decision to pull the app and has no idea why it was axed, saying "We're not sure why it was ...

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Australia fights with Apple on pricing

Apple apparently hasn't answered back the Australian government just yet about its query this week on pricing for both apps and hardware. The Australian Parliament, including Labor Minister Ed Husic, has been knocking on Apple's door trying to figure out why the company charges more for its pro...

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Taiwanese Apple suppliers may be forced to raise prices

While the modern global economy has allowed companies in far-flung parts of the world to get into manufacturing, one of the many issues they face is exchange rate fluctuations. Electronics manufacturers in Taiwan are currently feeling the pinch as the Taiwan dollar has climbed more than other cur...

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Calculator's currency calculations currently kaput

OS X's built-in Calculator.app has built-in support for currency conversions. To get accurate results, you have to update the currency exchange rates from inside the application. This feature is currently broken for many users, as I discovered after it wouldn't work for me. Several threads on the Ap...

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