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Apple has a "War Room" to monitor iOS 8 problems as they emerge on social media

A Reddit user yesterday described an interesting experience he recently had with Apple customer service. After downloading iOS 8 this week, Reddit user Kiggsworthy and his wife set up Family Sharing and discovered that they could not download content purchased by the other -- which is effectively t...

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Slices of Apple episode 3: Customer Service

In episodes one and two of Slices of Apple, we looked at where Apple came from. We toured the crucible of design and engineering that forged Silicon Valley, and examined the fall of a titan in the 1990s when Apple devalued its brand before Steve Jobs returned. In this episode we'll look at the fro...

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Sprint to increase in-store service for iPhone customers

A Sprint training doc leaked by iSource and confirmed to be authentic by Engadget suggests Sprint is increasing its support options for iPhone owners. According to the document, dealers and preferred retailers will offer improved in-store service for iPhone customers starting on October 15. T...

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Apple's retail tech can notice shoppers when they arrive

Ever wonder how Apple employees know you need help or are there to pick up an order? Apple employees now have a way to track you in the store. On Black Friday, New York Times reporter Brian X. Chen took a closer look at a customer tracking system Apple has been using "for a few weeks." It's an in...

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British Airways testing iPads to enhance customer service

Airlines are embracing iPads in a big way. Just yesterday, we featured a story about another airline -- Delta -- that is replacing the bulky flight bags that cockpit crews carry around with lightweight iPads packed with information. Now British Airways has announced a trial program in which 100...

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Survey: Apple's lead in tech support satisfaction is slipping

According to a survey [PDF] of over 4,000 customers, satisfaction with Apple's phone-based support is slipping, while other computer manufacturers like HP are gaining. Apple is still the undisputed leader with 58% of Apple customers saying they were "Very Satisfied" with their experience. Though ...

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Is it possible? AT&T drops lower in customer satisfaction survey

It's a bit of a surprise. AT&T has dropped below Sprint in consumer ratings, at least according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, as reported by the Associated Press. Both T-Mobile and AT&T are ranked at the bottom, which makes you wonder about the wisdom of the announced sale ...

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This is why I stay with Apple

When I described the problems I've had with Apple's notebooks thus far, a few commenters asked me why I stick with Apple at all. "Have you considered a different brand of computer? A Dell or something?" one asked. Another said, "I find it strange that your answer is to buy another product from ...

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My magical AT&T experience

We give AT&T a lot of crap for having lousy coverage*, being unable to comprehend where geeks gather** or just plain dropping the ball on big pre-order days, but I have to say that today I was very impressed by the customer service I received when I called to update my service contract. In fact,...

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Apple #4 in e-tailing survey

This a bit of good news for Apple -- despite the numerous complaints seen day to day against the company, Apple's online store came in fourth in overall customer satisfaction in a recent survey. ForSee Results tracked the shopping experience for 23,400 over the Internet during a two-week period in F...

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Getting a human representative at 1-800-MY-APPLE

Have you called the Apple 800 number lately? At the other end of the line, an insanely chipper robot will try to "help you" connect to the most appropriate department. Mr. Roboto is fiendishly positive, with an upbeat approach to getting you the help you need. The problem is that this robot isn't...

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iPad: Stand by me

TUAW readers have been writing in to tell us about the stands they have been purchasing to use with their iPads. Personally, I'm using a $6.99 Staples "Study Stand" (SKU 120147). Made of chrome with rubber tips, I have found the stand really sturdy and easy to use. I particularly like that I can at...

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Apple ranks third in BusinessWeek customer service survey

Apple has nailed down the number three spot on BusinessWeek's fourth annual customer service awards, falling in right behind LL Bean and insurance company USAA, and way above companies like Amazon and Dell. The awards were based on survey results from a few different places, and Apple scored an A+ ...

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Huckabee dumps PC for Mac

Former Presidential candidate and Arkansas ex-Governor Mike Huckabee has traded in his PC for a MacBook. He talked about in on his Sunday Fox News Channel Show, Here's a link to the YouTube video. Huckabee praises the staff at the New York Apple Store who got his Macbook set up. President-elect Oba...

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iPhone service challenges show how Apple can go the extra mile

For years, my Apple stuff has been super reliable, more than any other brand I own. So it came as a bit of a surprise when my trusty iPhone reported 'call failed' as I tapped a number from my address book. I assumed it was an AT&T cell problem, so moved out of the area and tried again. Same resu...

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