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Sprint: iPhone customers are "more profitable" than others

In an interview with Mobile World Live, Sprint's CEO Dan Hesse says that iPhone users are some of the best cellphone users to have around. Not only are iPhone customers "more profitable" (in that they just plain spend more money, given the price of the iPhone itself), but Hesse says iPhone us...

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Apple patents new method for water detection

Apple has submitted a patent that describes a better method of detecting water in an electronic device. In other words, Apple has devised a way to know if your iPhone has been in a pool (for example) before you try to return it to an Apple Store as defective. The patent describes a method of cove...

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Voting now open for Best App Ever awards

Voting has been opened up for the 2011 Best App Ever nominees. These awards have been put on every year for a few years now by our friends over at 148 Apps, and they feature many of the greatest apps you'll find on the iOS store, chosen by users. To vote on this year's awards, head over to the ...

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Survey: iPad is Kindle Fire-proof

A site called, which calls itself an "opinion based community," says that consumers it's polled about the recently announced Kindle Fire tablet from Amazon don't think Apple's iPad has much to worry about. One of the site's recent polls has 61 percent of the audience saying the iPa...

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Survey: 41% of smartphone users set to buy iPhone 5

Ad network InMobi has been asking its customers what they think of the rumored upcoming iPhone 5 (purportedly to be announced at the event in Cupertino next week), and as you might imagine, the response is overwhelmingly positive: 41% of current mobile customers in North America say that yes, t...

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Temkin Group study finds satisfied Mac users

Apple has topped the charts in another customer satisfaction survey, this time from the Temkin Group. That company studied 842 recent PC buyers, and found that Apple won across all of five categories versus PC brands like Dell and HP. From information pre-purchase to setup, customer service a...

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Some early-bird Verizon iPad 2 customers still waiting for shipments

Several Verizon customers who tried to order an iPad 2 directly through the telco giant are still awaiting their shipments. Considering the worldwide shortage of iPad 2 units, that might not sound like a big deal at first, ... until you hear the second half; many of these customers ordered the iP...

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Consumer survey says iPhone owners more likely to shop online, go snowboarding

This little list of factoids from last fall's Survey of the American Consumer is pretty interesting. It runs down a few of the things that iPhone owners are more likely to do than the average American. Some of them are obvious (iPhone owners are more likely to make calls over the Internet, see their...

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Apple scores high on customer experience index, iTunes not so much

According to AppleInsider, Apple has scored higher than other PC companies on Forrester's new customer experience survey, but their main software app didn't fare quite as well. Apple came in at number 35 on the list, which places them way above PC competitors like HP, Compaq and Dell, though iTunes ...

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Survey: Average iPhone user has spent $80 on apps

$80 on apps? I didn't think it was that much, but after going over estimates in my head, that sounds about right, actually. A survey of 1200 App Store customers estimates that we've spent about $80 on applications so far, with an average of about 65 applications per customer. There's a little weirdn...

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MLB is about to make a million dollars off an iPhone app

Lots of developers are saying that they can't sell their apps at $9.99 in the App Store, but Major League Baseball is apparently the exception -- the $9.99 At Bat app is not only gaining accolades from users, but it's selling like nachos at the ballpark, too: with 130,000 copies sold so far this yea...

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Has Apple cracked down on unlocker-resellers?

Is Apple hitting back at businessmen who buy, unlock and resell iPhones? Apple customers whose accounts show large, repeated iPhone orders are reportedly receiving emails canceling their orders and inviting them to enter the Apple reseller program, presumably with unlocking limitations. TUAW reader ...

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Apple should offer Macs with OS X and Windows for businesses

The internet is absolutely abuzz on fire over the ramifications of Boot Camp, and this time around the wild speculation isn't confined just to the crazed, Mountain-Dew-infused digg posts. Everyone is hypothesizing that Boot Camp signifies things like the death of Mac gaming, software support for OS ...

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