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Custom Safari keyboard shortcuts save my sanity

I'm a latecomer to the Safari party. I have used Opera and OmniWeb, but eventually, the siren song of Safari was too much to ignore. For the most part, I like it quite a bit, but there is one thing that has bothered me for a long time. Safari has some ridiculous keyboard shortcuts. So, I made some...

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Build customized LEGO packs with LEGO Digital Designer

Have you completed your holiday shopping yet? Neither have I. Well, if your friends or loved ones have a particular affinity for LEGO's construction toys, consider using LEGO Digital Designer to order a customized building block set for them. Via LEGO's DESIGNbyME, Mindstorms, and Creator-based the...

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How to create Keynote themes

Out of the box, Apple's Keynote is a gem. The app is intuitive and, like many Apple products, strikes a nice and delicate balance between ease-of-use for novice users and functionality for more advanced power users. While Keynote offers a nice set of built-in themes, there may be times when you want...

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Mac 101: Customize your application toolbars

Many switchers to Mac OS X have the same question: "how can I customize my application toolbars?" While this is fairly straightforward in Windows, Mac OS X makes it much easier. Just open the customization menu by right-clicking (if you have a one-button mouse you can control + click) on the toolb...

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CandyBar 3 available now

This is going to sound sad, but the one application that I have missed the most in upgrading to Leopard is CandyBar 2. I've always been something of a customization addict, and being able to take advantage of some of the beautiful icons that artists have made over the years to make OS X look its bes...

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iPhone skins from DecalGirl

If going all-out with a custom Colorware paint job for your iPhone is a bit too over-the-top, perhaps some new iPhone skin kits from the everlasting DecalGirl are more your style. Printed on premium grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl with a high-gloss clear protective coating, all of their skins bo...

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Colorware introduces custom colored iPhones

Speaking of customizing your iPhone, why stop at just the background? Never content with the 'average joe' colors Apple designs their devices with, Coloware has just added the iPhone to their lineup of devices they are happy to colorize or - perhaps better yet - sell you pre-pimped straight off ...

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iWebFlinger - the HTML and FTP uploading tool

iWebFlinger is great for those who want to use HTML to customize their iWeb sites, but they neither have nor want a .Mac account with which to publish. On the customization front, this useful tool allows you to insert code into your iWeb sites by wrapping it in a specific tag, as well as customiz...

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Visage Login - customize Mac OS X's login screen

If the design of Apple's Mac OS X login screen just isn't floatin' yer boat, Visage Login might be worth a look. With two separate versions - one for 10.4 and another for 10.1-10.3 - this is one of the few apps I remember where 10.3 users have some features to brag about over Tiger users. As an app ...

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mimiFoto is simple, yet brilliant. Do you tire of the stock iPhoto icon with that silly default picture? miniFoto lets you customize iPhoto's icon with any photo you like. And when you're sick of the TUAW logo peeking up from the Dock you simply 'Get Info' on iPhoto and cut the icon, which reveals ...

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Edit Mac OS X's custom spelling dictionary

Mac OS X's built-in spell checking abilities are fantastic, but what if you need to edit the custom list of words you've been building, or you want to nail a few birds with one stone by adding a collection of words in one fell swoop? Christopher Breen at Macworld has a good tip for just such a case...

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Bored with's icon? Roll your own

Are you getting tired of other good icons? Hawk Wings, obsessed with all things, has tracked down a Photoshop template for creating your own icon. Courtesy of John Godfrey, this Photoshop template contains instructions for inserting your own images into a icon, and Tim Ga...

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Changing's icons

I'm a pretty boring guy when it comes to my OS UI. I don't change the default icons, I don't change the sounds, heck I hardly even change the desktop picture. Now, I know some other folks like to go crazy and if's defaults are too bland for you, this tutorial is the cure....

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iTMS does storefront customization for radio websites

Two hip-hop radio stations, Power 106 in LA and HOT 97 in NYC, have signed on the dotted line with the iTMS to offer an integrated, customized version of the store right in their own websites. The radio stations can design the store any way they see fit, and feature any artists, recent releases and ...

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SmileOnMyMac Releases TextExpander 1.3, the Customizable Typing Timesaver Tool

Earlier in May, SmileOnMyMac acquired Textpander, a really handy (and free) text insertion utility. Today, they released their first official version update in which they changed the name to TextExpander, added a few snippet-creation features and are now charging a lump-in-throat inducing price of ...

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