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HTC handsets delayed at US customs due to ITC injunction over Apple patent

HTC confirmed to The Verge that its One X phone for AT&T and EVO 4G LTE handset for Sprint are being held at the border by customs officials. The shipments are being delayed while the government agency reviews the packages in accordance with an ITC ruling that banned the import of HTC's And...

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Israel blocks iPad imports over Wi-Fi concerns

Israelis had to wait a long time for the local launch of the iPhone; it was late last year before the country's three cell carriers began selling it, and some estimates indicated more than 80,000 unlocked phones were already in use there. With that kind of pent-up demand for iStuff, you'd think ...

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Could 'electric computers' be the new iPhone?

An unusually-large shipment of 188 mysterious containers has arrived in North America from Apple's manufacturing partners in China. The contents? "Electric computers," a term that Apple has never before used on its customs declarations. Additionally, 67 of the containers were destined for Canada, l...

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