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Daily iPhone App: Jumping Finn Turbo provides an addictive cycle with the Adventure Time crew

Cartoon Network has been putting out some really impressive iOS apps lately under its Adult Swim brand, including the really great Monsters Ate My Condo. Jumping Finn Turbo is a new game outside of the Adult Swim banner. It's not quite as good as those offerings, but it is pretty addictive anyw...

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Mac 101: Keep your battery happy and healthy

There's a good tip at CreativeBits today on prolonging your battery's life. Specifically, it's about letting it run through "cycles." When your battery is fully charged, be it in your laptop, iPhone or iPod, and you let it run until the device dies, you've used up one cycle. Over time, it will lose ...

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CoreDuoTemp 0.8

CoreDuoTemp, the handy little app for monitoring your Intel Mac's temp, CPU usage and frequency, has been updated to version 0.8. New features include: window position saved menu extra indicator new panel prefs correction of the English translation German language added You can grab you...

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