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Mac App Store will be live in January '11, says The Loop

One of the good things about our friend Jim Dalrymple at The Loop (to be clear, he has many positive qualities) is that when he says "my sources tell me," you know he's been talking to people in a position to have the real scoop. In this case, he's laying it on the line and saying the Mac App Store...

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Apple removes antivirus-related KB page

According to Macworld, Apple removed a Knowledge Base article about antivirus software compatible with Mac OS X. The article received "a lot of attention" because it seemingly contradicted Apple's marketing messages about malware for Mac. Our own Michael Rose tried to take the kettle off the stove,...

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Psystar offers Blu-ray option for Mac clones

Macworld's Jim Dalrymple reports that Psystar, the makers of legally-contested Mac clones, are offering Blu-ray drives for its products. Two Blu-ray burners can be added to Psystar's Open and OpenPro line of computers, a $310 6x Blu-ray burner, and a $350 6x Blu-ray burner that includes a 16x DVD&p...

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