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Water isn't always the kiss of death for an iPhone

Water and technology don't mix. If you drop your iPhone in a lake, pond, toilet, or martini, there's a fantastic chance it will end up being completely destroyed. Many of the little electrical bits inside the device don't take kindly to be drenched, especially if it leads to a short. However, as R...

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Parenting Tip: You've got a broken iOS device, now what?

Last week, our parenting tip provided you with advice about protecting your iPhone or iPad from a damaging fall. Though helpful, these tips are not foolproof, and there may be a time when you find yourself staring at a broken iOS device. My iPad 2, which was housed in a rugged case, suffered thi...

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Where do most iPhone accidents happen?

The most common place to destroy an iPhone is not in your car or even the bathroom. According to a survey from Squaretrade, most fatal iPhone accidents (21 percent) happen in the kitchen, with the living room (18 percent) and bathroom (16 percent) following closely behind. Surprisingly, only 9 ...

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SquareTrade torture tests the iPad 2 by dropping it on cement

Personally, I wouldn't deliberately drop my iPad 2 on cement, but the folks at SquareTrade were crazy enough to let not one, but two iPads fall to a sidewalk. The first drop was waist-high and included both a bare iPad 2 and one encased in a Smart Cover. As expected, the naked iPad suffered a c...

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iPhone 4 survives 1,000 foot fall from Air Force plane

Late last night, we received an email from U.S. Air Force Combat Controller Ron Walker, who wrote to tell us an incredible story about his iPhone 4 and a minor workplace mishap. Staff Sergeant Walker's duties as a jump master require him to ensure that his aircraft is in the proper location befo...

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iPad run over by a PT Cruiser, lives to tell the tale

We see a lot of examples of how Apple products can withstand abuse, but one of the more dramatic examples showed up in the TUAW inbox this afternoon. Reader Aaron sent us a link to a YouTube video (on the next page) demonstrating how an iPad belonging to a fellow employee handled being run over by ...

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iPhone 4 glass spawns class action lawsuit

Apple faces a class action lawsuit from California resident Donald LeBuhn over the glass used in the company's popular iPhone 4 handset. LeBuhn accuses Apple of misleading customers by pointing to Apple's website, which boasts that the glass used on the iPhone 4 is "20 times stiffer and 30 times har...

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MacBook Car-nage: Surviving a drive-over

Yesterday, I had a distraught customer come into the store and lay the remains of a black MacBook (13-inch Early 2008) on the front counter. My immediate thought was that the machine had been trashed and was just at the shop to be recycled. I asked the customer what happened and he explained that...

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Apple: "Exploding" iPhones succumbed to external pressure

There's been much news of "exploding" iPhones lately. If you're unfamiliar with the story, the European Commission formally asked Apple to investigate a series of reports that users' iPhones were abruptly cracking and/or catching fire. According to the French periodical Les Echos, an iPhone in Aix-e...

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Don't panic: Liquid damage, and what to do about it

We've all had an "oh poopie" moment involving liquids: Time slows down, you watch as the glass tips over, its contents cascading (beautifully, in another context perhaps) over the rim and onto the table. The rivulets of beverage roll in a miniscule tidal wave across the surface, over the edge, and d...

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Test your hearing with Audiometry for the iPhone

I was just listening to the great Sound Opinions music podcast the other day, and they had a woman on who was campaigning against hearing damage. In fact, she actually called out iPod headphones (as I was listening to the show on my iPhone) as one of today's leading causes of hearing damage -- too m...

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Apple replacing frayed MagSafe power cables

According to a Knowledge Base article posted last week, Apple is now replacing (free of charge) frayed, discolored and deformed MagSafe power adapters for MacBook and MacBook Pro. But -- and there's always a but -- they will only replace it if there's no sign of "abuse." So if you've been doing the...

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iPhone vs. gravity is no contest

Apple's MagSafe power cords have probably saved thousands of laptops from untimely impacts -- too bad there's no such insurance policy for the iPhone. Brett Peters' phone had an unfortunate encounter with his young son and moments later, with the floor, and the result is as you see above. While the...

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Another tough-as-nails Mac

Last week, Scott wrote about a poor Powerbook that had been badly damaged, but continued to work. Oddly enough, I found the iMac pictured at right on my workbench this morning when I arrived at my day job. It seems that a student abruptly introduced it to the floor, badly cracking the case around th...

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