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When Apple and Art Come Together

Artists, photographers, writers, musicians and other creative types use Apple products every day as tools and inspiration to help them fulfill their creative desires and aspirations. So it should come as no surprise when some of those creative aspirations turn out to actually feature one of the tool...

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Dance piece, for iPod shuffle

Apparently this iPod-enabled dance performance has been around for quite a while (here's an NYT piece on it from 2006), but it's the first we've heard of it, and it's pretty amazing. The 87-year-old choreographer, Merce Cunningham, who has collaborated with John Cage and Andy Warhol among others, ha...

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Groove down with Steve: "No Stylus"

I know that mileage will vary among listeners, but I found this Macworld Keynote-inspired dance track hilarious. Simon Bachofen has put together a techno-inspired riff on Steve Jobs' new "Internet Communicator" aka the stylus-free iPhone. He combines keynote snippets with a driving rhythm. Workplace...

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Mad TV - Apple's iPad

Mad TV has produced one of the raunchier iPod spoofs we've seen to date (meaning: probably not safe for work) in the form of an advertisement of, how shall we say, pads for women who 'think different'. The 'iPad' ad wins bonus points for coming complete with a spoof of the iPod silhouette ads and a ...

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