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iBooks Author Challenge: Adding spelling quizzes to iBooks

Dave Caolo and I were chatting this morning about iBooks and spelling. "It's not my daughter's favorite subject," he said, "and I'm looking for a way to make it more appealing to her." He asked if there could there be any way to incorporate spelling quizzes into iBooks via Author. The answer is...

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Dashcode beta expired on schedule

Niclet sends a note that yes, Dashcode's December 2006 v0.9 beta did in fact expire as expected last night. That sound you heard around 12:01 am was actually widget developers everywhere crying out in pain. Well, not exactly everywhere, as apparently there is still a working version of Dashcode in t...

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Xray your code with new dev tool

A few tipsters have dropped us notes (thanks!) that on Apple's Developer Tools page, there's a new tool. Along with Xcode and Dashcode, there's a new, very pretty app called Xray. The flavor text itself says the app takes "interface cues from timeline editors such as GarageBand," so what we're loo...

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Nice Dashcode tutorial video

Dashcode is the software by Apple that makes it super easy to create widgets. It's going to be bundled with Leopard, but members of the ADC can download the beta right now. Michael at Apple Gazette created a video tutorial on making an RSS widget with Dashcode (above). It's a clear walkthrough o...

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Create your own widgets with Dashcode

Our Download Squad buddies have a wonderful how-to on creating your own Dashboard RSS widgets with the Dashcode Developer beta. If you've ever wanted to know how those clever widgets make their way to your Dashboard, now you can be your very own auteur de desktop. If you're looking for a first proje...

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Dashcode Developer Beta Released

Apple has released to developers (and all ADC members) a beta of the upcoming Dashcode widget development environment which will be included in Leopard. Dashcode will allow developers and lay-users to create custom widgets from a set of pre-defined templates such as Photocast, Countdown, and RSS. Th...

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Dashcode and the art of icons

I'm a sucker for a good icon story (what can I say, I'm a geek). Here's a little story that uses Apple's icon for DashCode and its similarity to an unreleased widget IDE as a starting point to talk about how one makes a great icon. Fascinating read (and yes, the author's first language isn't Englis...

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Flickr Find: Screenshots of Dashcode?

TUAW reader Glenn has sent us a link to these pictures that purport to be Apple's Dashcode. What's Dashcode? The rumored Widget development application that many say Apple is working on. If these screenshots are legit it would seem that Dashcode is almost ready for prime time. ...

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