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Sprint offering new unlimited plan for $60 a month

One of the major issues with moving all your media to the Cloud is how expensive data plans can be for mobile devices. You don't want to pay hefty overages just to stream your favorite Sam Smith song all the time when you can store it on the device. Of course, that doesn't have to be a problem any...

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AT&T to offer increased data plans for business

AT&T has announced that it's rolling out new, large data plans meant for businesses. Starting on March 22, businesses will be able to sign up to data plans covering either 30, 40 or even 50 GB of data per month, which can be shared across a number of phones on one plan. There is a standard ...

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Hands on with FreedomPop's free data for your iPad and iPod touch

FreedomPop's free data pitch is aimed at the thrifty consumer: put down a refundable deposit on a USB dongle or MiFi-style router (iPod touch cases are also an option) and receive a monthly 500 MB bandwidth stipend for life. For free. If it sounds too good to be true, well, it might be. But bef...

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More international iPhone 4 pricing plans released

Now that iPhone 4 pre-orders have begun, international providers are releasing their data plans. First off, the UK's Orange has outlined its pay monthly, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and business plans. The monthly plans offer two options: 24 months and 18 months. The 24 month plan offers 5 price points,...

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Candid answers from AT&T on the new iPhone data plans

After AT&T announced this morning that it was backing away from its well-priced iPad data plans, many of our readers had questions about how this change would work, and how it would affect them both as Apple-specific customers and as AT&T customers in general. As we posted earlier today, sta...

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AT&T posts iPad 3G data information

As iPad 3Gs travel to eager owners, AT&T has posted specifics on data pricing [PDF]. Best of all, you can activate and manage the whole works from the iPad itself. Here's the lowdown of domestic plans. All prices are US dollars. $14.99 per month for 250 MB $29.99 per month for unlimited da...

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iPad 101: Managing your 3G data plans

Much as I love AT&T's prepaid services, their interactive system for purchasing feature packages... well, it kind of sucks. I can't count the number of hours I have spent on their 611 purchase line trying to get the chirpy fake human at the other end (no, seriously, the robot is very cheerful an...

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Dropping EDGE: An iPhone follow up

Yesterday, TUAW reader Stephen wrote and asked whether dropping EDGE would "stick". And that simple request led me a lot further than I expected. So let me start from the beginning. As you can see from this picture, this month I was charged only for voice minutes. So as far as that goes, dropping E...

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The continuing quest for a data-only iPhone

Every now and then I check back in with AT&T to see whether they've launched a data-only plan that I can use with my iPhone. The word from AT&T is always that plans are phone specific. As far as they're concerned you must purchase a plan that was designed for a particular phone. Thus, the Bl...

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The Missing iPhone Data Plan

As you're well aware, data plans are pricey and limited. For example, AT&T recently revealed its new data options for the prepaid GoPhone service. $5 for one prepaid megabyte of data and $10 for 5MB. Other data plans charge a half penny or a penny per KB, or about $5 to $10 per megabyte. Bottom ...

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