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Tag: data recovery

How to create a data recovery external drive

I knew something was wrong when I booted my 2012 MacBook Pro, walked away to get coffee and returned to find the computer had turned off. When I booted again, the grey screen appeared and the MacBook Pro booted part way before powering down. An attempt to boot into Safe Mode revealed that the CPU...

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Disk Drill file recovery app moves to 2.0 release

We first looked at Disk Drill from Clever Files back in 2011. Now in its 2.0 release, this app continues to help prevent data loss by enabling you to recover lost files that you've already deleted. The app goes beyond searching your garbage pail. This is meant for users who have already emptied...

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Macworld 2011: DriveSavers talks about SSD recovery

I spoke with Chris Bross of DriveSavers about recovery of data from SSD (solid-state drive) storage at their booth. Currently, SSDs are in their third generation with reliability improving all the time. An SSD is comprised of two parts -- the NAND memory and the controller. The NAND is more or less...

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Macworld 2010: Get an education with the DriveSavers Hard Drive Disk-aster Simulator

DriveSavers has been the go-to company for data recovery since 1985, when I used to read about them in Apple ][ magazines. They have saved the bacon (and jobs) of many people over the ensuing years. When all else fails, DriveSavers can be counted on to retrieve your data -- whether it's on a hard...

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Ask TUAW: Recovering video files, moving from an old Mac to a new one, MobileMe Sync and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly Mac troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about recovering video files from a corrupt SDHC card, transferring files from an old Mac to a new one, MobileMe sync, virtual machines and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are...

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Ask TUAW: iTunes libraries, Mac data recovery, Snow Leopard on older Macs and more

We're back with another edition of Ask TUAW. This time around we've answering questions about iTunes libraries, Mac data recovery, Snow Leopard on older Macs and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are welcome. Questions for next week should be left in the comments. When asking a...

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Data recovery: The option of last resort (Part 3 of 3)

Back to Part I: losing all the data on a hard disk, and Part II: the trials and tribulations of paying to get it back. Now we find out what happened, and what you can expect from a data recovery specialist. Greg, the technician from Iomega Data Recovery, sent back two documents two days later: One...

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Data recovery: The option of last resort (Part 2 of 3)

Back to Part I of Robert's tale of data recovery. It's a typical geek story: Boy gets data, boy loses data, boy tries to get data back. Because of my former employer's professional relationship with Iomega, I had sent a disk for recovery to Iomega Data Recovery before, and was confident they'd be...

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Data recovery: The option of last resort

There is no shortage of stories here on TUAW (and elsewhere) that extol the benefits of backing up your data. Apple even makes it ridiculously easy to do so -- with Mac OS X 10.5, Time Machine, a blank drive, and some spare time, you're set. Nevertheless, despite your best efforts, there are...

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DiskWarrior 4.1 update adds Leopard compatibility

DiskWarrior, my personal favorite disk repair utility (especially if the problem drive is the startup disk) has just been updated to Version 4.1. The new version is now fully compatible with Leopard (there were some issues with repairing disk permissions on a Leopard startup volume), so if you rely...

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A Digital Photographer's Worst Nightmare

Mark Newhouse offers up a problem and a solution today at LowEnd DSLR: A Digital Photographer's Worst Nightmare. What do you do if you've just shot 150 digital photos and your flash card appears to have corrupted the data on it. He reviews several of the solutions that exist for Mac users and,...

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