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Chitika: iPhone 5 beating out Samsung Galaxy S III in web usage already

The latest report from mobile marketing firm Chitika notes that the iPhone 5 has already supplanted the Samsung Galaxy S III in general web data usage after only a few weeks on the market. The Galaxy S III shipped in May 2012 and the iPhone 5 hit shelves in late September, yet Apple's handset i...

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iPhone 4S owners use almost twice as much data as iPhone 4 users

Update: Subsequent review of the actual study shows that Arieso is not claiming that Siri is to blame; that was introduced in the Reuters story and other media reports. We have updated our coverage. A new study by telecom network tech firm Arieso shows that owners of Apple's new iPhone 4S are using...

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Yahoo! fixes iPhone IMAP data leak

Earlier this year, a report surfaced that suggested Yahoo! Mail was the cause of spurious data usage by Windows Phone and iPhone owners. The root cause was the Yahoo! IMAP mail servers, which were transmitting more data than was necessary for each email request. Occasional email checking was no...

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Data usage sticker shock: How I learned to freak out when my daughter used my iPhone 3GS

I tend to be a pretty light data user. As the chart here shows, my monthly data consumption rarely exceeds the 200 MB mark. After all the events of this week, with AT&T announcing its new, and quite limited, data plans I decided to hop over to my iPhone account page and see how I was doing in...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Which 3G plan should I opt for?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I'm getting a new iPad 3G. I understand the bit about no contract and $15 a month for 250mb but wonder about how does 250mb relate to web usage. I have heard some say the web surfing can consume a lot of "bandwidth" but have no idea what that means relative to 250mb of data plan u...

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