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Tag: database

FileMaker offers demo solutions for FileMaker Go 12 on iOS

If you're a user of FileMaker Go 12 on the iPhone or iPad, its creators want to give you a better idea of the sorts of things the mobile database software can do. To that end, FileMaker has launched a lineup of demo solutions that you can download and try out right from within FileMaker Go 12. ...

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Comixology sends out call for comic creator info

As we've said before, Comixology has essentially conquered the App Store for comics on the iPad. There are a few companies and options out there for buying digital comic books, but Comixology (with its Comics app) has secured a huge collection for sale, and offers up great prices in conjunction...

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New Bento 4 for iPad adds design tools for customizing database solutions

It's a bit hard to believe that Apple software subsidiary FileMaker has been marketing Bento for more than four years now. The Mac version of the personal database debuted in early 2008, and separate iPhone and iPad versions can be had on the iOS App Store. Today the company is jumping the iPad...

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FileMaker Starter Solutions released for mobile apps

FileMaker announced the availability of three new Starter Solutions for its FileMaker Go mobile application. FileMaker Go lets you access and edit your FileMaker databases on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch while away from your desktop. The three Starter Solutions are optimized for Apple's mult...

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Panorama Sheets for Mac: A first look

Back in the first days of the Mac (in the days when I still had a full head of hair) a developer by the name of Jim Rea created one of the first database apps for the platform, Overvue. That application became Panorama (US$299), which is still around and has evolved through the years to remain a po...

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Cobra iRadar on the CES 2011 show floor

We liked the idea of the iRadar when we first heard about it, and Cobra put the device front and center at its CES 2011 booth (well, right next to the girls in skimpy police uniforms). The iRadar is a radar detector that hooks right up to Cobra's official iPhone app, and it will not only alert ...

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Dropbox updates iOS apps, announces App Directory

The Dropbox app for iPhone and iPad has been updated recently. There's a UI redesign in there now that takes full advantage of the Retina Display, so your shared files will look better than ever. The iPad version has gained a landscape view, and the app will now finish uploads and downloads in the ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Phases

Phases is one of those apps that has a lot of information you wouldn't really think of or need -- until you actually have an app available to give it to you. Basically, Phases tells you everything you need to know about the moon, from when it wanes and waxes, rises and sets, and when and where it...

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Rapid iOS app development with FormEntry

FormEntry Touch, a recent release from WidgetPress (makers of ModelBaker), makes setting up form-based systems on iPads and iPhones easier than ever. The universal app is static, in that it requires no coding; it reads forms from the application you build with FormEntry for Mac and runs on the FormE...

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FileMaker Go launches today for iPad and iPhone

Mobile databases: they're a good thing, as Martha might say. Back when Palm ruled the handheld space and HanDBase was the king of the data portability castle, it might have been hard to imagine the iPhone/iPad world of today -- but the challenge of taking your data with you on the road is still just...

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Wolfram Alpha lowers iPhone app price, will give refunds

Well here's an interesting twist on the Wolfram Alpha saga -- after initially releasing their "knowledge system" on the iPhone and then pulling it and trying to go premium with a $50 iPhone app, they've now reversed their position once again. The iPhone app will drop back down to $1.99 on Sunday, an...

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iPhone hacked at Pwn2Own contest

An iPhone got hacked in just 20 seconds at this week's Pwn2Own hacking contest at CanSecWest 2010, reports Ryan Naraine for ZDnet. Hackers Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf Philipp Weinmann demoed an exploit that allowed them to send a target iPhone to a web site that they'd set up online, and then copied of...

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FileMaker 11 now available with charting, reporting improvements

Apple subsidiary FileMaker has been busy; the flagship database app grows by another leap today with the release of version 11. We were lucky enough to get a pre-release demo at Macworld Expo in February and were duly impressed. As someone who's been using FileMaker since version 6, I'm thrilled wit...

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Macworld Expo: Jim Rea talks about the early days of Mac development

When Apple first introduced the Macintosh, there weren't many authorized third-party developers around... even fewer unauthorized ones, when you think about it. One guy did manage to sneak in the back door and ship his app for the original Mac on an accelerated schedule: Jim Rea, the founder of ProV...

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iPhone app helps Tasmanian cops nab crooks

Tasmanian cops are using some pretty sophisticated technology to catch criminals down there -- they have hardware in their cars now that will not only catch pictures of criminals, but upload them to a database, track down any outstanding warrants or other red flags, and update GPS information and l...

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