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Apple dead pixel policy: one for iPhone, three for iPad

There are few things more annoying than opening up your shiny new electronic toy only to find one or more misbehaving pixels. While dead or stuck pixels are less of a problem than they were a few years ago, it does still happen. Manufacturers and retailers rarely go public with what their warrant...

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Does your iPhone have dead or stuck pixels?

Dr. Macenstein suggests that now is the time to act. He writes (and he is a he, right--it's not a Frau Doctor Macenstein?) that Apple Store Genius say there's currently no official stuck pixel policy for iPhones (while there are official policies in place for monitors and laptops). If your iPhone su...

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How many dead pixels are too many dead pixels?

Ed Foster is on a mission to end dead pixels, or at least to figure out what company's policies are in regards to them. His latest post concerns Apple and where they stand on the dead pixel issue. Specifically, how many dead pixels do you need to have on your screen before Apple will replace it. Tur...

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