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The death of an iPod

Apple's gadgets even die in the most adorable ways. Let's have a moment of silence for this fallen musical soldier. [Photo credit: Enrico Palombaro]...

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EA declares Battlefield 3: Aftershock dead

Here's an interesting tale that might have some ramifications for the App Store in the future. After releasing a version of its popular console title Battlefield 3, subtitled Aftershock, on the App Store last month, EA abruptly pulled the game from Apple's virtual shelves. The reviews on the game ...

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Turn that dead HD into something useful

As an entertaining Friday afternoon aside to our discussion earlier this week about how to recover data from a dying hard disk, it turns out there's plenty of uses left for the ones that have finally stopped pining for the fjords. With this tutorial from HacknMod, you can turn your hard disk in...

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Possible fix for the iPod 'click of death'

JC at Mac Geekery has come across a potential solution to the iPod hard drive's 'click of death' that many owners will likely experience at some point or another (After all it's a hard drive and you walk/run/snowboard around with it all day. It has to throw in the towel some day). After hurling a de...

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