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Steve reportedly worked on Apple's next product until his last day

A new interview with the CEO of Softbank, Masayoshi Son, seems to indicate that Steve Jobs did indeed work on Apple products right up until his last day of life. While talking to the US Ambassador to Japan, Son said that during a meeting on the day of the iPhone 4S announcement, he was speaking...

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Spotted in Los Angeles: Thank you, Steve

I spotted this great piece of graffiti art on the streets of Hollywood while heading home last night, and thought you TUAW readers would enjoy it. Unfortunately, I have no idea who actually put this up -- there wasn't any tag or signature on it, and it was just on a wall otherwise covered with ...

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iPhone theft results in a tragic death

We have often written feel-good stories about the quick recovery of stolen iPhones, usually with the assistance of Find My iPhone. Unfortunately, today's story of a theft turned horrifying and tragic when a Chicago woman died after a fleeing thief shoved her down a flight of stairs. According t...

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iPod classic still the 5th most popular US MP3 player

Speculation has been poking around lately that the iPod classic's time is not long for this world, but before you start etching out the gravestone, take a look at these recent sales rankings from the NPD Group. According to the numbers, the iPod classic is still the fifth most popular MP3 player in...

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Apple's Director of Global Data Center Operations passes away at 41

We regret to report that Olivier Sanche, Apple's Director of Global Data Center Operations, passed away on Thanksgiving from a heart attack at the young age of 41. As DataCenterKnowledge notes, Sanche was "a thought leader in data center energy efficiency, and used his expertise to streamline operat...

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Steve Jobs: Still Not Dead. Film at 11.

Bloomberg seems to be having an extremely slow news day. Its obituary update for Steve Jobs has turned awry. The obituary, a copy of which was sent to Gawker, contains a list of contacts that could be used for an extended story. Soon after the obituary was published, Bloomberg issued the following...

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Speculation: TVPredictions sez RIP AppleTV

True confession time. I've never really gotten Philip Swann aka "Swanni", the guy over at TVPredictions.com who tries to forecast the TV industry. Today, TUAW reader Josh tipped us off that Swanni was predicting-i the end-i of the AppleTV-i, so I linked-i over to see what Swanni had to say. Allison ...

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