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Plants vs. Zombies 2 gets delayed, now coming later this summer

I got to see Plants vs. Zombies 2 running at E3, and the game looked essentially done. That's why this news is so surprising. PopCap has tweeted that the title has been delayed from its July 18 launch to "sometime later on this summer." Note that it will still premiere on iOS. There could be se...

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New iMacs not delayed after all

All of the iMac fans who were dismayed by the thought of not having a new 21.5-inch or 27-inch skinny iMac under the Christmas tree this year can rejoice -- according to sources close to 9to5Mac, the smaller iMacs are already being shipped to distribution points around the US and the big-screen m...

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Apple reportedly changing some iPad mini ship dates

Apple has been tweaking some of the reported delivery dates for its new iPad mini products, according to reports from a few people who've preordered the LTE-enabled version of the devices. Originally, Apple was reporting a ship date of November 23 for most of the day-one preorders, but that dat...

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ITC delays ruling in Apple suit against HTC until Dec. 19

The International Trade Commission has delayed its ruling on the pending patent case between HTC and Apple, according to HTC itself. This is the second delay on the ruling, originally set for December 6 and then moved back to this week, which is now set for release on December 19. Apple of cour...

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Apple drops the ball on Aussie iPhone 4S pre-orders

By now, iPhone 4S sales are in full swing in Australia's retail stores -- in fact, the safe bet is on the device already being sold out nationwide by the time this post goes live. Some US-based customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 4S have already received their phones. By this time tomorrow, it...

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Apple keeping iPhone 5 suppliers mum about launch date

In a research note, Analyst Brian White with Ticonderoga Securities suggests Apple is being extra secretive with its Asian suppliers when ordering parts for the iPhone 5 and is still quietly preparing the next generation handset for a June or July launch. White writes, "Although we do not have ...

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Some early-bird Verizon iPad 2 customers still waiting for shipments

Several Verizon customers who tried to order an iPad 2 directly through the telco giant are still awaiting their shipments. Considering the worldwide shortage of iPad 2 units, that might not sound like a big deal at first, ... until you hear the second half; many of these customers ordered the iP...

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Phil Schiller says white iPhone coming this spring

Increasingly it seems that when you have a question about an Apple product, you should bypass the support forums and go directly to Apple's top brass. When asked about the white iPhone 4 on Twitter, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, Phil Schiller, responded with an ent...

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Rumor: iPhone 5 to land in September

In a research note, analyst Craig Berger of FBR Capital markets makes the bold claim that the iPhone 5 will not launch until September, a timing that overlaps with Apple's annual iPod refresh. Berger writes, "we think a September launch is more likely, off from Apple's traditional iPhone launch sc...

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Yuanta Securities analysts claim iPad 2 will be delayed until June (Updated)

The iPad 2 may be delayed due to "production bottlenecks" at manufacturing company Hon Hai Precision, parent company of Foxconn. This delay is partially the result of unspecified changes in the iPad 2 design made by Apple before the Lunar New Year on February 3, according to a report from Yuanta Se...

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White iPhone 4 delayed until Spring 2011

If you've been holding off on buying an iPhone 4 because you were waiting for the white version, you may as well give up and go black. Reuters reports that the white iPhone 4 has been delayed until spring of next year. If you've been paying attention at all over the past few years, you'll know that...

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Final Fantasy Tactics for iPhone delayed, Square Enix offers no explanation

In late June at E3, Square Enix tantalized fans of Final Fantasy Tactics by revealing that the game would be brought to the iPhone. The company even announced a release date for the game: September 15th. But September 15th has come and gone now without a release for this highly-anticipated title,...

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League of Legends for Mac still expected this fall

You might remember that, back in early June, I met with the guys from Riot Games to play the Mac version of their free-to-play, DotA title, League of Legends. At the time, they said that they expected to release the title on our platform sometime "later this year," after they'd finished up their wo...

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White iPhone 4 delayed further to "later this year"

Waiting for a white iPhone 4? Stop holding your breath and start making chalk marks on the wall, because it's going to be a while longer. Just one week ago, the white iPhone 4 delay was mentioned at the Apple press event, with an ETA for the end of July. This morning, however, Apple put out a ve...

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White iPhones "more challenging" says Apple, unavailable until mid-July

Well, that's interesting -- Apple has just posted an official statement on its site that says the white iPhone 4s have been "more challenging to manufacture than expected," and therefore won't be available until late July. No further statement is given, but it looks like if you were waiting until yo...

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