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Delicious Monster releases Delicious Library 3 with companion iOS scanner app

Delicious Monster is known for Delicious Library, a comprehensive inventory app that lets you track items from every nook and cranny of your life. The OS X app was updated today to version 3.0, and the changes that Delicious Monster made to Delicious Library are impressive. First and foremost...

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Indie Mac Gift Pack offers discounted Mac software for the holidays

A crew of well-known independent Mac developers has banded together to offer a pretty good deal on some Mac software this holiday season. The Indie Mac Gift pack is offering six great Mac apps (Acorn 2, Delicious Library 2, MarsEdit 3, Radioshift, SousChef and Sound Studio 4) for just $60, a saving...

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360 MacDev Keynote: Mike Lee's "Dirty Jokes and Code"

360|MacDev is underway in Denver, Colorado, and it's starting with a bang. While many developer conferences begin with a boring, bland, and somewhat cookie-cutter keynote, this morning's keynote was a NSFW -- but definitely memorable -- talk laced with dirty jokes by Mike Lee (at right). Mike has do...

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MacTech 2010: Wil Shipley on Noogle Noggles, a new Delicious Library and the Mac App Store

Wil Shipley is probably the premiere Mac developer -- he co-founded The Omni Group, and now runs Delicious Monster, whose Delicious Library app pretty much embodies the best of this platform we love so much. Wil kindly sat down to talk with me at last week's MacTech 2010 conference here in Los Angel...

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Delicious Library may regain iPhone support... sort of

Once upon a time, Delicious Library was available for the iPhone, and it was quickly yanked from the App Store due to infringing upon Amazon's API TOS. I learned all of this after recently purchasing the fantastic OS X application, and then wondering why it didn't have an accompanying iPhone app. S...

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Why Apple's patents might show screens from third-party apps

This is a weird one. FutureTap was surprised to recognize one of their app's screens in a strange place: a recent Apple patent outlining how a possible travel application could work. The company wasn't quite sure what to do next -- as you can see above, it's a straightforward copy of the Where To? ...

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Wil Shipley: Apple "copied me"

When Steve Jobs was introducing the iPad last week, a number of us familiar with Delicious Monster had the same reaction during the iBooks demo: "That looks like Delicious Library." Developer Wil Shipley noticed, too. In an interview with The Washington Post, Shipley complained about the strik...

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Mandatory Delicious Library 2.2 update released

Delicious Library 2 has just issued a mandatory 2.2 update that all users must install if they want to actually scan in, update or look-up new items automatically. As of August 15, 2009, requires all applications that use its data and API to digitally sign information requests. This up...

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Delicious Library for iPhone runs afoul of Amazon's API terms, pulled from App Store

Update: As one might expect, this API restriction has also hit Pocketpedia; the app is now pulled as well (as of 7/17). Sudden removal of an item from the App Store isn't unheard of; sometimes an app has a hidden bug or a content problem, and if Apple hasn't seen fit to take it off the store shelve...

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Macworld Expo: Delicious Monster's Wil Shipley

His flagship application gave its name to an entire movement of graphical sophistication among Mac apps, so it should be no surprise that Wil Shipley's Delicious Monster booth at Macworld Expo carries Delicious Library's recognizable UI into the real world. Special care was taken to get bookshelves...

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First Look: Classics

Have you ever been stuck on a train, plane, or bus and wanted a good book to read? With Classics [iTunes Link], you can easily pick up your iPhone and begin reading a small collection of classic literature and novels. As I mentioned last week, Classics takes a new approach to reading books on the iP...

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RIftVault - Spawn of Yojimbo and Delicious Library?

A lot of my clients use Yojimbo to securely store their credit card numbers, passwords, and other information. I use it, too, but find it to be a somewhat drab application. On the other hand, Delicious Library is attractive and fun to use, but it isn't really something you'd want to use to store ...

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Delicious Library 2.0 is now shipping

The beta period is over and Delicious Library 2.0 is officially ready to go (we took an early look at version 2 back in March). If you're unfamiliar, Delicious Library is the beautiful personal media database (that's the fancy way of saying "it keeps track of your stuff") that's as fun as it is usef...

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Delicious Library 2 beta on the streets

In a Memorial Day treat for users, Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster announced via a tweet earlier this evening that a beta of Delicious Library 2 is now available for download and purchase. We've been waiting eagerly for DL2 for quite a while now, along with everyone else. Interestingly, on first la...

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Delicious Library 2: First Look

One of the most anticipated applications in recent memory, Delicious Library 2 is finally nearing release. Earlier this week, the guys over at AppleInsider showed off an in-depth sneak peek of the application and its new features and revamped interface. I have had the opportunity to play with the be...

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