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SlipCover helps make case icons for your media

Here's a cool app we haven't mentioned yet here on TUAW -- SlipCover is an app that will help you put together some beautiful icons for your Mac's media files, from DVDs to video games or anything else that needs a cool looking icon. The app itself revolves around "case" files, which are basically ...

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TUAW Interviews Mike Lee of Delicious Monster, looks at Delicious Library 2

Mike Lee, the "world's toughest programmer," and official Major-domo for Delicious Monster sat down with Scott to show off some features coming to Delicious Library 2. We know a lot of you are itching for the release of this one, and Mike gives an answer to when it'll ship... sort of. Other items ...

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Delicious Library 2 will track your media and your tools

Scott Stevenson has taken another look at a program I am pretty much drooling over at this point-- Delicious Library 2. Earlier, he walked us through the overview of all the items in your library, and this time, he goes a little more in depth on what the app can tell you about each item that you o...

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Delicious Library 2 preview

Scott Stevenson has posted a very short but sweet preview of Delicious Library 2, due out sometime after Leopard hits next week (according to Wil Shipley, it may be as late as February). The already beautiful program (that coined a generation) looks better than ever, and it's made better, we're to...

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Delicious Monster previews Library 2 web export

Want to show the world the contents of your bookshelves? David C. at Infinite Loop previewed the much-anticipated Delicious Library 2's HTML export feature, which you can see in demo form over at Delicious Monster's site. With lovely sliding panels and gorgeous book covers, the web export looks like...

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