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Delta CEO says cellphone calls aren't welcome on Delta flights even if FCC rules change

Despite the FCC moving toward ending the ban on in-flight cell usage, there's still one stumbling block on the road to iPhone freedom; the airlines. Delta CEO Richard Anderson doesn't care what the FCC decides -- as far as he is concerned Delta is still a no-fly zone for personal cell calls. But he...

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Delta releases iPad app, adds Passbook ticketing to iPhone app

Delta Airlines has released an updated iPhone app and an all-new iPad app. The big news for frequent fliers comes from the iPhone app. Version 2.0 of Fly Delta adds the ability to view and access your eBoarding Pass in Passbook in iOS 6 The updated iPhone app also sees the ability to purchase i...

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Delta testing iPad program for pilots

We've already posted about Delta setting up iPads for customers to use, but the company may be making different use of Apple's tablet in the future. It's testing Apple's iPads out as "Electronic Flight Bags," or EFBs, which as far as I can tell are the documents and folders that pilots need whe...

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The apps on Delta's iPads at LaGuardia airport in New York

A few weeks ago I got stuck for many hours at LaGuardia airport in New York (shocking, I realize, given how smooth air travel is these days). While at the Delta terminal I saw dozens of iPads installed next to small booths, designed for travelers to recharge and possibly play a game or order so...

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Delta Airlines to install gate-area charging stations in 19 U.S. airports

Delta Airlines is helping to make life a bit easier for travelers that hope to top off their batteries before getting onto a plane. Until now, fliers often had to scour the corners of gate areas to find an available outlet to scrounge some spare electrons. Last week, the world's largest airline...

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Delta's JFK terminal goes iPad crazy

Back in the day, it was not uncommon to sit down in a booth at a diner and find a box with lists of songs that you could browse and play back through the jukebox. Fast forward to 2010, and the Delta Airlines terminal at New York City's John F. Kennedy airport. With most people carrying a jukebox ...

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A Delta Airlines app is on the way

Rather recently, American Airlines released an iPhone app that offers quite a few nice features for the AA traveler, including flight status, boarding pass access and ... Soduku. With the exception of that last feature, travel app Kayak offers many of these features already, though it's not stopping...

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