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Second Utah Apple Store seen in job listings

Utah is home to many stunning natural wonders, and soon it will be home to not one, but two Apple stores. Job listings spotted by ifoAppleStore reveals the Cupertino company may open a second retail store in the Fashion Place Mall located in Murray, Utah by the end of the year. This second store ...

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Pitchfork gets a custom iPod touch page-topper ad

Apple has developed a custom ad for indie music review site Pitchfork. You can go over and see it right now in any WebKit-based browser (so Safari or Chrome) -- an iPod touch pops up in front of the menu bars, and everything gets swept away in the games being played. This ad is notable for a few...

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Yahoo!: iPad users skew male and middle-aged

Yahoo!'s mobile blog has shared some interesting demographic data about the iPad users they've seen so far. Some of the results are unsurprising. Given that the iPad is still in its youthful days, the users tend to match the typical early adopter profile: male, older, and wealthy enough to afford a...

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Retail experience draws women to AAPL?

Piqqem, a service that crowdsources stock picks, has some interesting demographic data about who says they're buying AAPL. Among female users, Apple is the most highly rated stock to buy. The lowest-rated stock is Dillards -- which leads to an interesting analysis by Alex Salkever, director of resea...

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