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Younger audiences play more freemium games, but 25-34 year-olds pay for them

Flurry's latest post is yet another interesting read on freemium games on the App Store, specifically which age groups are playing them, and which age groups are paying for them. They've used consumer spending data across over 1.4 billion sessions, which means this information is as accurate as...

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iOS outreaches Android when iPod touch, iPad are counted in the mix

Some fascinating statistics have been released by comScore based on its MobiLens marketing analytics service, and the numbers show that iOS devices (including the iPad and iPod touch) outreach the Android platform by a whopping 59 percent in the US market. The comScore numbers show a total inst...

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The app market, by the numbers

The very insightful Stuart Dredge over at Mobile Entertainment has compiled an amazing primer on all of the numbers behind the app market (which you can also see by clicking the "Read More" link, although it's not viewable on an iPad or iPhone). If you want to know anything about how many apps are ...

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Study: iPad owners are selfish elitists, non-owners are independent geeks

Hey we didn't say it, we only repeated it. Consumer firm MyType has done a study of the opinions of 20,000 people, and have determined that iPad owners are wealthy, sophisticated, educated, and score very low in tests designed to chart altruism and kindness. In short, they're rich and smart, but a...

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LinkedIn app releases version 3.0 for the iPhone

LinkedIn has always seemed like the "me too" of social networks, in my mind. They started out as a site more about careers and job networking, but with the big growth of Facebook the last two years, it seems like they're working as hard as they can just to keep up with what's going on over there. An...

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