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Kickfolio puts iOS apps on the web for hands-on interaction

Developers working on iOS applications have had a bit of a dilemma regarding app demos and beta testing. Getting a prerelease or ad-hoc version of an app out to testers' devices can be complicated, expensive or both -- although services like Testflight and Hockeyapp can streamline the process i...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT: A spring harvest of accessories

It's springtime in the Northern Hemisphere, but for some reason it also appears to be harvest time... We're seeing a flood of new accessories for Apple devices, and many of those goodies are making it to the TUAW Labs™ for review. Today on TUAW TV Live, I'll take the time to familiarize...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: PinPoint

Have you ever lost your cursor on your screen? Do you do lots of screen-sharing demonstrations? How would you like an app that puts some customizable animations around your cursor to help you or your audience spot it? PinPoint is an app that does just that -- it puts a circling animated highl...

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Frustrated by no universal video out for iPad? IPEVO P2V can help

One of the things that was a bit frustrating for me after purchasing the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter was finding out that it doesn't work with every iPad app. It works great with apps that are written to take advantage of the adapter, but at the present time there are only a handful of app...

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Apple updates iPad guided tour videos

Apple's guided tour videos explain a device's marquee features. Apple released a set for the iPad last month, and this week it's added two more: Maps and the App Store. In the Maps clip, a user is in the now familiar "lap up" pose as she uses Maps to explore Paris. I must admit that the Google ma...

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Sophos video shows Mac trojan caught in the act

Apple Mac malware: Caught on camera from Sophos Labs on Vimeo. It's not every day that you can watch Mac malware in action, but the team at Sophos Labs has put together the demonstration video above; it shows a malicious installer downloaded from a site pretending to serve up an HD video playe...

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A little kinetic scrolling with Smart Scroll X

Apple has already stolen the multitouch interface from the iPhone for the MacBook Air and the new MacBooks, but they haven't yet borrowed that other scrolling "feature," known here as "kinetic scrolling." If you'd like to steal it for your own Mac, however, jkOnTheRun has just the thing: a tip about...

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Video demonstration of anti-DRM group at SF Apple Store

One of our sister blogs, The Digital Music Weblog, dug up a video of an anti-DRM demonstration by that DefectiveByDesign crew we blogged yesterday. This demonstration was in San Francisco, and from the editing of the video, it looked pretty successful - if you count talking to roughly two people s...

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