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TUAW TV Live: Dog day demos

It's still hotter than the blazes here in Colorado, but there are starting to be some signs of cooler days ahead. But while the heat is still set on "high", I'll take the opportunity to show you some cool things that have come out of the minds of developers and manufacturers around the world. ...

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TUAW TV Live: The 2nd anniversary show

Yep, as noted in the promo post earlier today, this is the second anniversary of the TUAW TV Live show. Over those 104 weeks, I've managed to demonstrate hundreds of new Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps and accessories, have a bunch of fun visitors, and have enjoyed the rantings of the regulars in th...

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TUAW TV Live: Steve's Demo Derby

As promised (threatened?) in the promo post earlier today, I'm going to demonstrate a pileup of products on TUAW TV Live. Accessories and apps are both on the menu, so expect to see a lot of action on the show today. No, I won't be driving the TUAW demolition derby car (above) in a battle royal...

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App Store for Mac highlights two major App Store flaws

The idea of a Mac App Store is great... from a certain point of view. As it currently exists, the App Store has several problems and limitations which could be fairly easily removed. 1. Demos/Trial Periods/Returns: I'm not going to state unequivocally that Apple will have demos in the Mac App Store,...

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Don't get too excited about the App Store's Try Before You Buy

As Steve mentioned earlier this morning, 9to5Mac spotted a new section in the App Store called Try Before You Buy. Don't get too excited about the idea of demos finally coming to the App Store, however. As of right now, this is only an index of "Lite" or free versions of apps. If you were hoping ...

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iSimulate brings iPhone apps to the big screen

Apple's iPhone simulator built into Xcode is nice, but it doesn't completely replicate the actual feel of playing with an iPhone (not to mention that things like multitouch and accelerometer info can't be tested on screen). Enter iSimulate, a new app from a company called vimov. In conjunction with...

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Macgamefiles gets a redesign, gives devs more power

Inside Mac Games reports that their sister site,, has received a complete site redesign, its first since the site started up seven years ago. In addition to a whole new look, the site's got some extra new features, too, including lots of new Developer features-- devs can now have ...

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