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iOS enterprise deployment presentations from MacIT now online

Held concurrently with Macworld/iWorld 2013, MacIT is a conference dedicated to the deployment of Mac and iOS products in enterprise. Our own Mike Rose delivered a great writeup on this year's MacIT, and now a number of the presentations given at the conference have been made available in PDF for...

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Good Technology reports blowout quarter for iPhone 4, iPad 2

Good Technology's latest report on enterprise deployment of mobile devices shows that iOS device activations continue to dominate the enterprise sector. Last quarter, iOS devices accounted for just under 70 percent of device activations, with the iPhone retaking the lead from Android activation...

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Apperian picks up first enterprise iFund payout

The iFund has been pretty influential ever since it was announced a couple of years ago -- it's a pool of money set up by Apple and a few other companies to support and grow companies that are contributing to the iOS ecosystem. It's been growing along with Apple's platform, and now the fund has ...

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The iPad Project documents deploying iPads at school

We've been following the folks at D7 Consulting as they roll out a set of iPads that were awarded to them by Box.net (and keep an eye out later this week for an update on that), but that's not the only group of people attempting to use iPads in a collective space. Frasier Speirs (Mac developer at C...

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Farewell to a friend: NetRestore goes EOL

Go on, I dare you -- name an individual who has done more to improve the lot of Mac OS X system administrators than Mr. Mike Bombich. Over the course of the past six years, while working both at educational institutions and as an Apple SE, Mike has given of his time and energy in an effort to delive...

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The admin's freeware friend: DeployStudio

For individual Mac users or small businesses, it's usually not a problem deploying new Macs with a standard image -- as a Mac support specialist, you might just load each machine manually. But imagine if you need to deploy hundreds or thousands of Macs, PCs, or XServes. You'd need a small army of te...

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