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Ever wonder what would happen if you microwaved your iPhone?

There are a lot of ways to destroy an iPhone by accident: Dropping it on a hard surface from a good distance, letting it slip out of your breast pocket and into the toilet, or forgetting it on the roof of your car are all fine choices. But nobody has ever microwaved their iPhone on accident, but y...

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More iPad video torture: 64GB iPad 3G gets microwaved

It didn't take long for the iPad to get tortured, blended, and now, microwaved. Yes, in this YouTube video, a brand spankin' new 64GB iPad 3G is lovingly unwrapped, registered, and loaded with data, then popped into the Amir9000 for a journey into flaming oblivion. Just sad. And we're crying ...

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Ice-T repairs a Mac, his way

I don't think this is anything I would have ever asked to see, personally, but now that it's here, I can't look away. Above, you can click through to see a NSFW (language) video of the star of stage and screen, Ice-T, doing some "repairs" on a broken PowerBook -- the kinds of "repairs" you can onl...

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