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Zaprudering the iPhone Commercials: Maps

Wow. The things you can learn from Apple commercials. Notice anything about that map icon? It looked mighty familiar to me and as TUAW reader Brian noted in our comments, that's a wee stylized image of 1 Infinite Loop, Apple Headquarters--or at least...kind of. The arrow looks more like it's on Nor...

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Found Footage: iPhoneology

Back during the Cold War there were experts on the Soviet Union called "kremlinologists" who would study, in exhausting detail, any information that leaked out from behind the Iron Curtain for clues about what the Russians might be up to. Well, now I think the guys over at Actioncorp.net have ear...

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Ecto3 development details posted

Adriaan of Kula Software, developers of such excellent apps as endo and my personal favorite blogging app - ecto, has posted some juicy development details to his blog on the upcoming ecto version 3. One of the biggest changes Adriaan mentions is a new plugin architecture, which should make it much ...

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