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Mountain Lion developer preview changes file renaming options

One of my pet peeves with Mac OS X always appears when I'm in the process of opening a file from an app and want to either make a duplicate of an original or just want to rename the file. With Lion and previous versions of OS X, that meant that I'd have to close the "Open" dialog, open a Finder wi...

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Mountain Lion: It's called a developer preview for a reason

Every time a developer preview of a new version of Mac OS X or iOS arrives, we at TUAW wait for the onslaught of emails telling us about the favorite apps that did or did not work, peripherals that suddenly won't work, or machines that end up being totally borked. Jason O'Grady at ZDNet has writte...

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Finding small changes in Mountain Lion developer preview

You've probably heard about the biggest features of the new OS X, Mountain Lion, by now: Apple's implementing some popular iOS features like Notifications, Game Center, and Reminders on the desktop OS. But unless you've actually played with the OS for a little while (which would mean you're a deve...

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OS X Developer Preview 4 released

Apple has released the fourth developer preview of the forthcoming OS upgrade, Mac OS X Lion. The 656 MB update should be one of the final previews released before the official launch of the OS, expected on the Mac App Store in July for US$29.99. If you're a developer, go grab your copy of the l...

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iOS 5 contacts app has fields for Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn and Myspace info

One of the more interesting iOS 5 features revealed this week during the Monday keynote was seamless integration with Twitter. Now a report published by All Things D shows that fields for other social networking sites also appear in the iOS 5 contacts app, including Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, an...

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Nuance voice samples provide a taste of Lion text-to-speech

As we reported on May 14, Lion Developer Preview 3 includes a number of voices from Nuance's RealSpeak Solo software that can be used for text-to-speech (TTS) operations in the OS. These voices are a good improvement on the existing voices used by Mac OS X, and could point to a greater use of s...

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Mac OS X Lion features hidden tribute to Steve Jobs

Apple's latest version of OS X Lion contains a plethora of new features that are being uncovered piece by piece now that the preview version is in the hands of developers. One little gem recently discovered is a new section in the Finder called "All My Files." This feature helps you organize your...

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Apple invites security experts to review Lion developer preview

CNET reports that Apple has sent notice to a few big-time security experts, including some folks who've attacked OS X security in the past, to check out the developer preview of OS X Lion. "As you have reported Mac OS X security issues in the past," the letter reportedly tells the researchers, ...

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Schiller and team to deliver WWDC keynote, Snow Leopard developer preview June 8

Apple issued a press release this morning, saying that Worldwide Marketing VP Phil Schiller would lead a "team of Apple executives" to deliver the Worldwide Developer Conference keynote June 8 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific (1 p.m. Eastern). According to the press release, attendees will receive a developer ...

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