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NoseDial lets you dial your iPhone with your nose

Hands full of gifts to return after Christmas but still need to make a call with your iPhone? Well don't worry, as NoseDial is here to help you out. NoseDial is exactly what the name implies that it is -- a visual dialer for your iPhone that lets you scroll through your contacts by tilting your phon...

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TapTapDial makes phoning and driving safer

Unless you have voice recognition and Bluetooth in your car, dialing any cellphone can be dangerous to your health. It's truly frightening to see great numbers of commuters fooling around with their phones while trying to drive. Driving is tough enough these days without the distractions; without an...

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Some iPhone apps are just strange but they still work

There is no shortage of iPhone dialers. Most work by voice, some by tapping a picture of your contact. Now we get Sensi Dial, [App Store link] an iPhone program that uses gestures to dial your contacts. Gestures? Yep. The idea is with gestures you don't have to look at your phone to reach a contact....

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Dial the phone using your iPod

Ah, Woz would be proud. MacMerc's Brian Burnham has written a tutorial detailing how you can turn your iPod into a phone dialer (is iPod phreaking far away? I think not). It works because analog phones use a series of tones to decipher what numbers you are inputting, so you simply play those same to...

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