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iPhone 101: Save extensions in Contacts

Having friends with an office job in the typical corporate environment often times means having to dial a desk phone with an extension. As Lifehacker points out, this usually results in having to memorize a contact's direct extension for use after dialing the office's main line. The difficulty comes...

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Vlingo adds voice control to older iPhones

Pity the poor iPhone 3G owner who now has to grapple with reality; yes, what was until Friday the world's coolest smartphone is now simply a piece of yesterday's tech, as current as a punchcard and as enduring as a wax cylinder recording on a hot afternoon. No, not really -- the iPhone 3G is just as...

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Dial your iPhone with Bakelite

Anyone who is as ancient as me will remember when "dialing" a phone meant putting your finger into a little circular hole in a rotary dial, dragging it to a small metal stop, then pulling your finger out of the hole to dial that number. Rotary dial phones disappeared in the 1970s, but now MildManner...

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Dialectic provides system-wide dialing

As a fan of his EntourageABMenu utility, I was pleased to discover that developer Jon Nathan has a new item in his kit: Dialectic, a phone dialing tool that has more tricks than a magician's convention. Dialectic replaces the older Jon's Phone Tool and provides a bridge between almost any Mac PIM or...

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iPhone browser dialing found to be security threat

SPI Labs is claiming to have discovered a fairly significant threat to iPhone security due to MobileSafari's ability to dial phone numbers found on web pages. The feature can apparently be exploited in various ways, such as redirecting the actual call to a number other than what is viewed on the web...

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Nova Media Address Book plugin for Nokia, Sony Ericsson phones

German-based Nova Media landed on our radar last year with their iSync plugin that supports more phones than Mac OS X's default set. Not content with mere syncing, however, the company also makes an Address Book plugin, recently updated with more supported models, that allows phones from Nokia and S...

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