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Diamonds plus nano plus watch equals this $18k monstrosity

There is, it has to be admitted, a market for diamond-encrusted Apple products. Having the good taste to buy something magical and revolutionary doesn't necessarily mean you have good taste full stop. So, for those of you with more (way, way more) money than sense who live at the blingier end...

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Luxury iPhone 4s, iPads a great idea for well-heeled givers

Looking for a Christmas gift that is so unique that only a handful of people on the planet will find it beneath the Christmas tree? If you happen to have a wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket, then you might want to contact luxury electronics designer Stuart Hughes. Liverpool, UK-based designe...

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Wait. How much did you pay for your iPad?

Economic hardship? What's that? If the recession affected you as much as it did that rock on your villa grounds, have I got an iPad for you. For a mere US$20,000 you can order the Diamond iPad. The 64GB 3G iPad is modded by Mervis Diamond Importers and features 11.43 carats of diamonds set in a m...

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Pod Jams iDiddy fashion covers with iLanyard for iPod nano

The Pod Jams iDiddy fashion covers for the iPod nano come in two styles: Clear and Bling. Clear, as you might imagine, allows the true beauty of the nano to shine through while still protecting it in plastic. Bling (pictured) steps up the flashy style by encasing your nano in a diamond-like sparklin...

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