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DICE+ digital gaming dice for iOS now shipping

Polish developer Game Technologies has announced that its Bluetooth die DICE+ is now shipping. The six-sided Bluetooth die has an LED on each side and a built-in accelerometer, thermometer and magnetometer, which allows it not only to be used as a digital die, but also as a motion controller. Usin...

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Daily iPhone App: Las Vegas! brings Ravensburger's dice game to the iPad

Las Vegas! is a popular dice game that Ravensburger put together last year. It's not exactly the most complicated board game on the block (you roll dice, and then can place them into certain numbered slots that represent stakes in money-making casinos), but it's fun for families especially, and ...

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EA staff leaves for Ngmoco Sweden

A few more Electronic Arts employees have jumped ship for Ngmoco's newest studio, in Sweden. After Ben Cousins (who formerly worked at EA's "EAsy" division) left to form Ngmoco Sweden, he's apparently been building a wishlist of various developers, and now he's grabbed three more, this time fro...

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App Review: Eat brains or get shotgunned in Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice is one of a new breed of board games that was released almost simultaneously in real life and in digital form as an app for the iPhone/iPod touch. It wasn't supposed to be that way, but the popularity of the free Flash demo that Steve Jackson Games developed for its website made someo...

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Valve on Mac piques interest from other game developers

Now that Valve has committed to offering full support for the Mac for both its in-house games and Steam, its digital game delivery system, other developers are expressing interest in the Mac as a gaming platform, too. Gas Powered Games, creator of Supreme Commander 2, Kings and Castles, and Dunge...

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MotionX: Poker Quest

One of the first apps I downloaded when I inherited my brother's old iPhone was MotionX Dice. It was brilliant in its execution: 3D dice rendered with loving detail, lots of custom dice and perfect use of the accelerometer. MotionX games are variations on a theme, however, and they've taken their Mo...

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Dice games to go with all the iPhone dice apps

The App Store, so far, has seen a number of duplicate apps. One group of dupes we're seeing: dice rollers. Makes sense if you twist an old saw to say "if your input involves shaking, everything starts to look like an accelerometer." Or something. My personal favorite for randomness is MotionX Dice....

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MotionX Dice lets you roll dem bones on your iPhone

The folks at Fullpower kindly sent us a note about their new iPhone app, MotionX Dice, and after giving it a try, I can say it works as promised -- if you want a good-looking and fun way to roll dice on your iPhone, this is it. There are several types of well-rendered 3D dice and tables to choose f...

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