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Tag: diet

Noom Weight for iPhone is a calorie counting app that could benefit from bulking up

Noom Weight for iPhone is a simple, free app that lets you log calorie intake, weight and exercise. It's based on the Noom Weight Coach app for Android, but doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the Android app has. The idea behind the Noom Weight app is that by logging your daily food and...

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If you have food intolerance or allergies this is the app for you

Food Intolerances is a US$5.99 universal app designed to help those whose diet is restricted by a food allergy or intolerance. It is believed that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies. Food intolerance doesn't involve the immune system, but is a strong adverse reaction to a particular fo...

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Our mistake, your gain: win one of fifteen free copies of Weightbot

I need a brain transplant. When Paul Haddad of Tapbots offered us fifteen license codes for a giveaway, I blithely assumed that they were for Pastebot, their cool cut, copy, and paste app for iPhone. I set up the giveaway yesterday and have been thrilled with the number of entries (you can still ...

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Scanning your way to a healthier diet with FoodScanner

Calories do count, and if you are among those who keep track of your daily intake and want an easy way to log what you eat, FoodScanner [iTunes link] may be just the iPhone app for you. On a trip to the grocery store or just your fridge, FoodScanner reads the bar code and matches it to a large datab...

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TUAW Fitness: An Apple a day makes the weight go away

I've struggled with my weight for a long time. In my free-wheeling post-college days I lived with my two best friends, sitting around playing video games, drinking beer and eating Taco Bell. I put on a lot of weight in a short amount of time with that diet and exercise schedule, topping out at 260 p...

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First Look: Edibles

If you're a loser and you're happy, it probably means that you are a successful dieter. Being a middle-aged computer geek means that I have been gaining weight (no, I'm not as "hefty" as Steve Wozniak). I am a member of the WeightWatchers Online program, but it's frustrating that I haven't been able...

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Put iPhoto on a diet

Avid users of iPhoto who also count their megs and gigs typically notice that the darling iLife app can quickly gobble up a good chunk of the hard drive. One practice that is sure to help inflate the size of your library is editing images. As it turns out, whenever you make edits and save, iPhoto du...

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