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NPD says kids are buying more digital media than ever

If you're the parent of a child between the age of two and 14, you probably already know this; kids are spending more money on digital media than ever before. This unsurprising conclusion comes from market-research company NPD Group, which says that 21 cents out of every dollar kids spend on en...

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FTC and DOJ monitoring Apple's new subscription policy

Both the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission are aware of the new policy Apple implemented for media companies with applications in the App Store. The new terms state "that if an app offers customers the ability to purchase books outside of the app, the same option is also available ...

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Forrester blog responds to iTunes kerfuffle

"iTunes sales are NOT plummeting!" is the latest headline on the Forrester blog. You know Forrester, don't you? They're the ones behind the report the other day about iPods, iTunes and credit card transactions. That's the report that set everyone talking about whether iTunes was a failure and wheth...

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RIAA petitions for lower artist royalties

IGN reports that innovative marketing solutions like Apple's iTunes store and stores that sell digital ringtones are putting too much money into the pockets of the artists who actually create and perform music. The RIAA has petitioned the federal US Copyright Royalty Judgets to lower the rates paid...

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