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Daily Mac App: Brightness Slider

Using a Mac laptop at night is great thanks to automatic-brightness controls and a backlit keyboard. Trouble is that sometimes even the lowest setting is too bright for midnight screen gazing. That's where Brightness Slider comes in. It's a menu bar utility that lets you adjust the screen's b...

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Daily Mac App: Sunset

Sometimes your screen is just too bright in the evenings. For the sake of your eyes, Sunset lets you reduce the brightness of your monitor below that of the standard brightness controls and without having to adjust the backlight. If you reduce the brightness of your screen using the on-board ...

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1GB nano screen dimmer than others

Not like this is that big of a deal -- but iLounge reviewed the 1GB iPod nano, and while they find it to be pretty much the same gizmo as its more robust brethren (obviously), they do point out one minor difference: the backlight doesn't seem to be as bright as the other nanos. I can't confirm this ...

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