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Daily iPhone App: Dine-O-Matic chooses a restaurant for you

Eating at a restaurant is fun but getting a consensus from a group of diners can be a hassle. Offload the responsibly to your iPhone with Dine-O-Matic from the Iconfactory (currently on sale for US$0.99), which is more than happy to choose a restaurant for the whole gang. The app combines retro gra...

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Dine-o-Matic 2 will be released tomorrow

Phill Ryu did us a solid and dropped a quick note about an early preview of Dine-o-Matic 2 from Iconfactory. Just install the widget, punch in the names and numbers of your favorite restaurants, and a meal decision is only one click away. New in this version is categorization of the different places...

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Iconfactory relaunched

The Iconfactory.com overhaul is done. I wrote about this redesign last week but now the sheet has been pulled back and everyone can see the new design. It is pretty slick, but I will miss the animated Iconfactory logo. Check out the full details here. They also have launched a new Widget called 'Di...

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