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Transit apps from Embark and Tapone see big boost in users with iOS 6 launch

Apple's had all kinds of unexpected issues with its brand new Maps app, but when it comes to transit directions we knew well in advance that they wouldn't be included in Maps; when the new app was announced at WWDC, it was clear that third parties would be expected to pick up the slack via iOS'...

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What 10 years of Apple did to its main product

How time flies! In the year 2000, I was just finishing high school, listening to Bush, and becoming acquainted with Windows 2000. Back then, I knew very little about Apple, and I'd certainly not heard of the Bondi Bubble iMac (the first iMac was released in 1998). In 2010, well...how things have ch...

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Inside iPhone 3G S: Seeing your direction on iPhone 3G S maps

One of the highly touted features of the new iPhone is the ability to have the map display your direction of travel. A great idea, long overdue. As people were walking out of the Apple Store today it was one of the first things some people wanted to try. They brought up the Google Map app, and then ...

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Tweets (and whatever else you want) on the desktop with GeekTool

Mat posted a while back about the magic of GeekTool -- it's an app that allows you to run Unix scripts and show logs in a good-looking pane right there on your desktop. Mac OS X Tips recently did a post about how to put your iCal events up there using a script called iCalBuddy, but industrious rea...

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"Podmaps" concept patent sought by Apple

AppleInsider has uncovered news of an Apple patent application for a software concept called a "podmap," which is more or less what it sounds like -- a series of maps or driving directions accompanied by an audio version of the same, downloadable into a portable media device. The way I understand ...

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Google Maps Plug-in 2.4b for Address Book

The Google Maps Plug-in for Address Book is now in a 2.4 beta edition, bringing with it a package installer (PPC only, Intel installer on its way), support for Europe and new localized Google Maps domains, as well as choosing a default country in Google Maps for the plug-in to use. There is a beta e...

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Get Yahoo Maps directions on your iPod

File this under "do it before they get a cease-and-desist" letter. iPod Directions is using the Yahoo Maps API and some clever coding to make it super easy for you to grab directions (and maps!) and put those in your iPod. Or is it on your iPod? Either way, this is a lot quicker than the way I've be...

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Pod2go 1.6 released

That beta version of Pod2go we mentioned last year (ok, a month ago) has gone official. The new version boasts a wealth of upgrades to the way it handles lyrics, Mail, iCal information, backup, news and apps, as well as support for multiple iPods. A number of usability enhancements are present as we...

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