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Apple's board gains a new director: Ronald D. Sugar

Apple's board of directors has been running pretty lean since the departure of Google's Eric Schmidt and the death of Jerry York, so a new director is welcome news. Today the company announced the addition of Dr. Ronald D. Sugar to the board; Sugar is the retired CEO of Northrop Grumman and previous...

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Jobs to miss Apple shareholder meeting this week

Bloomberg is reporting that Steve Jobs will not attend this week's Apple shareholder meeting. That's not a big surprise -- Jobs' health has kept him from attending recent usual events, including Macworld earlier this year. But it is the first time in the over 10 years since he rejoined the company t...

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Andrea Jung joins Apple board

Today, Andrea Jung joined Apple's Board of Directors. Jung is currently the chairman and CEO of Avon. She graduated from Princeton University, and also serves on the board of directors for the General Electric Company, and is on the board of trustees for New York Presbyterian Hospital. "Andrea is a...

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Fred Anderson resigns from Apple Board

In a comment under yesterday's report on the outcome of the Apple stock option investigation, SubGenius wisely proclaimed "Fred is going to be the fall guy." Congratulations, SubGenius - you win a brand new star! (or at least you will when the star system is working again) Fred Anderson, who valiant...

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