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Mac 101: How to check the speed of your CD/DVD burner

More Mac 101, tips and tricks for novice users. Every so often, stumbling around the Mac OS you find something clever and wish everyone knew it. As I was about to do a CD burn on my internal optical drive on my Mac Pro, I was wondering how fast that Apple stock drive was. Yes, I could have checke...

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Second generation Blu-ray ships for Mac

MCE Technologies announced today that they are shipping their second generation Blu-ray drives for Macintosh computers. These drives, which come in both external housings and internal models for Mac Pro desktops start at $399US. They are the fastest and most comprehensive Blu-ray drives available fo...

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Disco revealed

Lots of people emailed us about Disco, the new app from the folks behind AppZapper and MacZot and we didn't post about it. Why? Because there was very little information about the app, other than it was supposed to be super cool. This all changed recently, though, since some screenshots were posted ...

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