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Tag: disco

A giant pulsing blacklight for your iPhone or iPod

This has been out for a while, but in the same booth where Engadget found the Watch Your Bag crapgadget there's a giant blacklight dock that will pulse to the beat. Oh, and it has speakers. You can opt to leave the black light on if you want (no sync to music), or have it strobe. Naturally it'l...

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A primer on group messaging apps

If you follow our tech startup sister site TechCrunch, or if you've read any of the reports from the South by SouthWest (SXSW) conference this year, you've probably seen a lot of column inches given to current-media-darling "group messaging" apps. SXSW has a reasonable track record of predictin...

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Apple's cheez-tastic 1984 disco promo video

For the viewing pleasure of those folks who were tuned into TUAW TV Live on Wednesday, February 16, we had a little disco inferno going. Tipped by a reader about a godawful Apple marketing film titled "We Are Apple: Leading The Way," it was so bad it just had to be good. Now we have a few more fa...

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How to turn an 8-track into a speaker dock

I'm a fan of both silly iPod docks and re-purposing old tech gear, so this how-to at Unpluggd hit me in just the right spot. It's really more of a hack than a how-to -- the guy fixed his 8-track player just by replacing a corroded belt, and then used a cassette adapter to connect the 8-track to his...

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"Deluxe" boxed edition of Disco available

Disco is the multi-session media burning application that features pretty "smoke" (that I've never gotten to work), automatic indexing, support for VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders and more (we've written about Disco several times). It's $30US as a download, but soon will be available as a $40US "delux...

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Disco hits 1.0

Everybody's favorite funk-inspired disc burning application, Disco has hit version 1.0 and features a wealth of new enhancements and additions. With improved disc naming, a beefed-up Discography function, and minor interface enhancements, Disco 1.0 has seen a wealth of improvements to warrant the $1...

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Countdown to 1.0

Disco, the media burning application that people either love or despise, will finally be released as version 1.0 in just over a week. An official countdown timer has been added to the developer's blog to help you keep track. I've used Disco and I've got no major complaints. Sure, I could just use To...

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TUAW Podcast #15: The Delicious Cast

Fire up your favorite audio players ladies and gentlemen, for TUAW Podcast #15 is live and ready for consumption. This time around it was Laurie Duncan, Scott McNulty and I, and I'm delighted to say we have dramatically improved our recording setup to give you a much, much better and cleaner listeni...

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Behind The Scenes with the Disco Icon

Regardless of what one might think about Disco as a functioning application, it's hard to deny that the latest app from the Madebysofa crew certainly has a unique look to it, and it is spiffy to boot. For the Disco application icon, designers Jasper Hauser and Hugo van Heuven collaborated to create ...

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Dissing Disco

Rory Prior has some not-so-nice things to say about Disco, and I agree with most of his assessment. While everyone else seems to be jumping on the Disco bandwagon, I'm hopping off. Disco is a CD/DVD burning app that positions itself as a viable, better-looking and much less expensive replacement for...

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Who Is Hubert?

Strange things have been afoot in the Mac shareware community over the past few days; manifested by the cute-as-a-button icon you see to the right popping up on multiple different sites. All we know about this cute lil' guy so far is that his name is Hubert. Oh, and he doesn't want us to talk about ...

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The Cocoa Conundrum

When it comes to software on the Mac platform it's a mixed bag. I don't mean like on Windows, where the bag is full of snakes, scorpions, rusty blades, and the occasional bit of peach. Software on the Mac has been in flux for a decade. When Apple bought NeXT, most of us figured Copland was dead in t...

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Free Disco for your friends!

But... only if you took advantage of yesterday's macZOT offer! I see as of this morning Disco is still available for $14.95, so maybe the freebie is still valid. Apparently when you register, the surprize (sic) is revealed: another license to give away to a friend. That's a brilliant way to spread t...

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Disco public beta and today-only macZOT price

Disco, the new burning app with so much buzz, has transitioned from a private beta to a public one. We've covered our fair share of Disco already, but to summarize: it has burning features that place it somewhere in between the Finder and Roxio's $99 Toast 7. One feature I didn't know about before t...

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Disco beta is out

Disco, the new burning software that's been blazing a name for itself, has entered a more or less public beta. Those who pre-ordered through a MacZOT that was featured not long ago should be receiving ticket numbers with which they can redeem a beta download, otherwise you can email beta [at] discoa...

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