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Apple TV: What happens now?

As Steve Sande has reported, Apple has discontinued the 40 GB Apple TV unit, and dropped the 160 GB unit U.S. $100.00. The large capacity set top box now sells for $229.00, the price that the now-eliminated 40 GB unit used to sell for. Apple has continuously referred to the Apple TV unit as a 'ho...

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Apple beginning to phase out the 15" PowerBook?

TUAW has received a tip that points to the possibility that Apple could already be phasing out the 15" PowerBook. The tipster, whom we'll call Bob for anonymity's sake, manages an Apple B2B program for a U.S. institute. Recently, Bob noticed that, as you see in our screenshot, the 15" Pow...

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Dell kills Jukebox players

Looks like Dell is throwing in the towel as far as their hard drive-based Jukebox digital audio players are concerned. DailyTech reports "stiff competition from Apple and others" resulted in the decision to discontinue the line, although they will continue to sell their flash based DJ Ditt...

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