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Google to end support for Google Catalog on iOS

Google Catalogs, a favorite of online window shoppers whose bosses have web filters, has announced it will be ending support for its apps on August 15. Users have been directed to view the site via its website from their desktop browser. Google recently announced it would also ...

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iOS developer toolchain will bid farewell to the iPhone 3G

Cocoanetics has noticed something that's become apparent to most iOS developers already: with the advent of iOS 6 in a few weeks, Apple is essentially phasing out support for iOS on the iPhone 3G. Apple is slowly deprecating frameworks that iPhone 3G-compatible apps require from Xcode and app l...

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White MacBook reaches end of life, education sales to cease

Although discontinued for consumer sales last July, the plastic MacBook remained available for sale to educational institutions as a (relatively) low-cost option for schools seeking portable Macs for students. If you were wondering how long that would last, wonder no longer; seven months later, Ap...

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Freeverse discontinues several Mac games following Lion's release

Although more recently famed for its extensive lineup of iOS games, Freeverse has also produced several games for the Mac. Following the release of OS X Lion, however, Freeverse has decided to discontinue several of its older Mac games. According to Freeverse, "Some of our Mac titles have not go...

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Say Goodbye to the White MacBook (Updated)

Update: The MacBook will continue to be available to educational institutions, Engadget reports. With the launch of the new Sandy Bridge MacBook Air models, Apple has sent its US$999 MacBook to the graveyard. All links for the older white MacBook model are gone from Apple's website and now re...

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Final Xserve orders won't reach customers for two months

With the Xserve's end of life arriving in just three days, the Apple Store is listing both the Quad-Core and 8-Core Xserves as shipping in April. So, if you've been wondering whether or not to pull the trigger on an Xserve purchase, now is the time to do so. 160 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB drive modules wi...

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Rest in peace, Adobe Media Player... you will not be missed

After today, Adobe Media Player won't be available for download from Adobe's site. Adobe Media Player was a solution looking for a problem, so I'm not surprised to see that today will be the player's last day. Sometimes great ideas are looking to solve a problem that does not exist. Adobe's Media Pl...

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Apple compact wired keyboard gets discontinued

AppleInsider notes that Apple has quietly discontinued its compact wired keyboard. The keyboard, which has the part number MB869LL/A, has been removed from Apple's online store, yet is still available (presumably, while supplies last) on Amazon for US$46.99. Apple originally introduced the compac...

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Apple's Xserve hits end of life, order yours before Jan, 31

Farewell, Xserve. While the G5 version was once the server behind one of the world's fastest parallel supercomputers, Apple's powerful but slow-selling line of rack-mount servers has now reached the end of its life cycle and will no longer be offered after January 31, 2011. As an enterprise-or...

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Apple will discontinue .Mac HomePage viewing Nov. 8

Apple has given final notice to those publishing content through the old .Mac service. A note was sent to MobileMe members today stating that as of November 8th, Web pages published using the obsolete .Mac service will become unavailable. Those publishing via iWeb will not be affected. If you'...

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Jumsoft offering 50% off Money for Cha-Ching customers

Yesterday, we posted that Intuit was basically discontinuing Cha-Ching after hiring the developers and purchasing the app, and it was a little disappointing that they weren't offering any upgrade plan. While is free (and some of the Cha-Ching know-how was going to go into the iPho...

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Wave goodbye to the iPhone 3G

Update: Engadget also points out that Walmart is now selling the iPhone 3GS for $97, a sure inventory-clearing move. According to Boy Genius Report, the iPhone 3G is very likely to be discontinued. Apple has reportedly stopped supplying AT&T stores with the 8 GB iPhone 3G. Additionally, the A...

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iSight prices on eBay skyrocket - will there be an encore?

Apple's stand-alone FireWire iSight may have recently gone end-of-life, but people's interest in the devices is still going strong, so sayeth eBay. While the iSight's retail price was $129, I'm seeing actual bids ranging from $152 all the way up to $280 as of this writing, with Buy It Now sellers br...

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