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Daily Mac App: WhatSize

Getting to grips with the files and folders on your hard drive can be a chore, but the right tool makes it easier. WhatSize is a tool that combines the best of several disk visualisers into one package. WhatSize scans your disk(s) and reports on the size of your files and folders with a strai...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: GrandPerspective

Finding large space hogging files in a complex file system like that on your Mac can be difficult. GrandPerspective, a small open source program, aims to help you find and remove space wasters quickly and easily. GrandPerspective first scans a target folder, be it your entire disk or just you...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: DaisyDisk

Trying to find space hogs on your various disks can be a nightmare. DaisyDisk makes it easier by letting you visualize your hard drives with beautiful circular sunburst maps. There are quite a few disk space visualizers out there, Disk Inventory X, which we featured recently on the Daily Mac ...

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DaisyDisk 2.0 offers scanning multiple discs, in-app deletion

In a moment of great minds thinking alike, as TJ Luoma was writing up his Mac 101 on tracking down hard drive space hogs, I was contacted by the folks at DaisyDisk to see if I wanted to take version 2 of their data visualization software for a spin. The core of DaisyDisk is the same as when I...

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Mac 101: Six steps for tracking down hard drive space hogs

More Mac 101, our ongoing series of tips, tricks and helpful hints for new Mac users and curious veterans. "Your startup disk is almost full." This simple sentence can trigger all the stages of grief: denial ("That can't be right!"), anger ("This is a 500 GB drive!"), bargaining ("If I delete...

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TUAW review: Sponge for Mac OS X

I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to accumulate junk on my Macs. I start off with a nice, fat, clean hard drive, and before you know it I'm starting to panic about running out of space. Sponge, from Dare to be Creative Ltd., is a US$26 program designed to look for the space-wasters on yo...

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