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Ask TUAW Video Edition: Maintenance on your Mac

This week, Julie writes in about being a new Mac user (having come from the Windows world). She wants to know what kind of maintenance she needs to run to keep her Mac working. I give a few suggestions, but there are A LOT more we could give her. Applications mentioned in this video: Dis...

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Has DiskWarrior's Eddy award been statue-napped?

Earlier tonight during Shawn King's Your Mac Life show, a chat room participant delivered a chilling warning to Alsoft, publishers of the venerable and vital DiskWarrior utility: a cherished possession, the 2007 Eddy award for DiskWarrior, was being held hostage in an undisclosed location. Indeed, t...

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DiskWarrior 4.1 update adds Leopard compatibility

DiskWarrior, my personal favorite disk repair utility (especially if the problem drive is the startup disk) has just been updated to Version 4.1. The new version is now fully compatible with Leopard (there were some issues with repairing disk permissions on a Leopard startup volume), so if you rely ...

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Diskwarrior 4.0 is finally here!

Diskwarrior is The Essential Mac Disk Utility. Alsoft says so. I say so. Most Mac admins worth their salt say so. So there you have it. For too long we've been waiting on Alsoft to show us a little more love, though. Intel Macs are standard across the board, yet Diskwarrior still lingered in PPC-onl...

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