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Clean your iPhone 5's camera from the inside

The iPhone 5, though surprisingly light, is rather sturdily built. And in typical Apple style, the device is completely closed off. Nonetheless, the iPhone 5, over time, can begin accumulating dirt and other unwelcome particles underneath the glass. While this may not ordinarily be a problem, it bec...

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Clever iPhone, iPad DIY projects

Wired has a great little roundup of eight do-it-yourself projects for iPhone and iPad owners today, so if you need some inspiration for your next project, be sure to give it a look. The first idea on Wired's list isn't anything new -- in fact, our own intrepid blogger and developer Erica Sadu...

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DIY external MacBook battery

Evan Rodgers took a CCTV battery, a third party MacBook car charger, and some soldering tools to create a do-it-yourself external MacBook battery. As he points out in his post on The Verge, a little elbow grease and electronics know-how will save you from having to buy a costly commercial solut...

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Capacitive touch brush stylus made from conductive thread

Artist Margarita Benitez really wanted a Nomad Brush for her iPad but didn't have the cash for the actual thing, so she did the next best: she made one herself. Using an old brush handle and some conductive thread, she was able to assemble a working brush, and says it works better than expected...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: $1.39 iPad holder

Dear Aunt TUAW: Behold the $1.39 iPad holder. It holds the iPad perfectly in both orientations. All of the iPad users in my office have one, and it's the best. It's very very stable, too. Love and kissies, Your nephew Joel...

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Apple posts DIY info for new iMac memory installation

If you're looking to do a DIY memory upgrade on your brand-spanking new iMac, Apple's more than happy to tell you how. The Cupertino company has posted info in the Support section of its website telling people who aren't afraid to pop the hood on the new 21.5" and 27" iMacs what kind of memory modul...

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Flickr Find: DIY iCurve with Legos

DIYer Extensor posted pics of a self-built iCurve replacement over at flickr. Created to support his (or her, the page doesn't say) 15-inch Powerbook, the do-it-yourself-Curve is made from spare legos and a $7 Container Store wire shelf. The shelf is colorfully made, surprisingly attractive and look...

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DIY iPod Dock

iPod: $79 - $349 MacBook to sync said iPod: $1099 Making an iPod dock out of a cardboard box and some tape: priceless Sorry, but I couldn't resist, this is just too classic: Flickr user flickrflick151, stating "When you can't afford the real thing, you improvise" on his photoset, decided to create ...

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Make your own MacBook Pro sleeve

Conrad had a nice roundup of available sleeves for the MacBook, but what about you MacBook Pro users? Sure, the sleeve companies say that their PowerBook gear should accommodate your new MacBook Pro, but that doesn't sound like any fun. I say make your own following these instructions. It may not b...

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Widget Watch: Macgyverisms

I have found a use for Dashboard and its name is Macgyverisms. This pointless widget provides you with one of 200 ideas from MacGyver himself to get out of a sticky situation. The next time I am in the woods with only a rosary and a slingshot, I'll know what to do. Will you? [via Lifehacker]...

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