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Google updates Docs, Sheets, and Slides with new features and improved security

Google has released an updated versions of its Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps which allow users to manage the files within their Google Drive. On the security front all three apps now support Touch ID unlocking in iOS. Accessibility has been enhanced with support for VoiceOver to create, edit, and...

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Use iConvert to scan documents directly to your iPad

I saw quite a few document scanners for iOS devices at CES last week, but this is about as elegant as they come. Brookstone is offering a scanner called iConvert, which uses your iPad as the receptable for anything you scan with it. Not only does it scan your documents with a 300 dpi scanner,...

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Readdle's anniversary sale and iPad giveaway

Readdle started developing iOS apps three years ago as of yesterday, and to celebrate they are discounting all of their apps (a rare occurrence for them) and offering up three iPads in a giveaway for Twitter followers of the company. More details can be found here. For you math students out there...

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First Look: MiGhtyDocs

Google Docs gives you document storage in the cloud, so why shouldn't you be able to access your documents anywhere you are connected to the cloud -- including your iPhone? Well, Google Docs viewing on the iPhone has been a bit kludgy ... until now. Thanks to MiGhtyDocs (iTunes link), you are now fr...

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iPod 101 support docs

Apple just went nuts releasing a slew of iPod 101 support documents, most likely just in time for all the iPod-toting user who are about to unwillingly embark on a new side career this holiday season: supporting their family members and friends who just got their own little white (or black, or pink....

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Apple Support doc: Mac maintenance Quick Assist

Apple has released a "Mac Maintenance Quick Assist" support document that is more or less a 10-step guide aimed at beginners for taking care of their Mac, both inside and out. These steps include good, basic practices such as using relevant names for files instead of "DSC_00001.jpg," while also reco...

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