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iTriage 3.0 adds live wait times for acute care facilities, medicine information and more

When TUAW last talked with the folks behind iTriage, it was shortly before World Health Day in 2010, and the app had just updated to version 2.0 with a version for Android. A little more than 16 months later, iTriage has hit version 3.0 with a plethora of changes and new features such as: ...

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iPhone and iPad are preferred by physicians says survey

Next time you visit your doctor and poke around his or her office, chances are you'll see an iPhone or an iPad lying around. A survey of 3,700 physicians by QuantiaMD reveals the iPad and the iPhone are the preferred mobile devices among those in the medical profession. According to the surve...

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Muscle System Pro II shows the great potential of iPad apps

Mark my words: Muscle System Pro II will one day appear in an iPad commercial. It's that good. This is one of those apps that show you just how powerful the iPad can be. Muscle System Pro II by 3D 4 Medical is an interactive learning tool that allows the user to completely explore the muscular ...

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iPads headed into operating rooms along with surgeons

While some hospitals are eying the iPad as a way of going paperless with patient records, Georgetown University is already putting them directly in the operating room and into the hands of its surgeons. Offering real-time access to records and images of patients while inside the operating room, iPad...

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Australia election campaign promises iPads in every hospital

In what I can comfortably say is a previously unimagined application, the iPad is now being used as an election promise to entice voters in Australia. ZDNet notes that the promise was made last week by Victorian Premier John Brumby as part of a proposed new state health policy, which would see iPads...

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iTriage provides mobile health advice with style

As the clock ticks down on World Health Day, there's an app that we should tell you about: the free iTriage 2.0 for iPhone (now also available for Android, and with a version coming soon for iPad). It's a provider locator, a symptom and disease database, and more. The iTriage story is intriguing ...

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Voalté One iPhone and iPad apps streamline healthcare communications

We've posted about the use of both the iPhone and iPad in the healthcare industry before, and there are a number of apps that have been developed to take advantage of the iPhone in hospitals and clinics. One of our readers pointed out that Voalté, a company that specializes in hospital paging...

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5 Apps for the Gastroenterologist

Sometime this summer a wiseacre commenter (we get a few) suggested we do a "Five Apps" for a variety of somewhat offbeat topics. One wasn't so far-fetched however: gastroenterologist. One could say that a gastro doc has about the same needs as any doctor, of course, and that's an easy out. So h...

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