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Slices of Apple episode 3: Customer Service

In episodes one and two of Slices of Apple, we looked at where Apple came from. We toured the crucible of design and engineering that forged Silicon Valley, and examined the fall of a titan in the 1990s when Apple devalued its brand before Steve Jobs returned. In this episode we'll look at the fro...

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Introducing Slices of Apple, an inside look at what makes Apple great

Ever wonder what makes Apple tick? The company is notoriously secretive about its products, but perhaps has been even more secretive about how it operates on the inside. Relatively few resources are available if you want to know the inside scoop on how Apple keeps making great products. While Tim ...

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Crowdfunding Roundup: Four for the Fourth

Every week, TUAW provides readers with an update on new or significant crowdfunded Apple-related projects in the news. While our policy is to not go into detail on items that haven't reached at least 80 percent of their funding goal, this update is designed to give readers a heads-up on projects t...

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Take an hour to watch the documentary Steve Jobs - One Last Thing

Shortly after Steve Jobs' death in 2011, PBS debuted the documentary Steve Jobs - One Last Thing. Drawing from interviews with his friends and enemies alike the film is a balanced look at the often complex life of the Apple founder. Interviewees include Ross Perot, Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street...

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Daily Update for December 24, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Enter to win a Tesla iPhone charger and consider backing the documentary about Nikola Tesla

This summer I watched with amazement as Matthew Inman (creator of the hilarious web comic The Oatmeal) raised awareness about Nikola Tesla, one of my heroes. In fact, in film school I wrote a little spec script for Tesla -- a man who saw his inventions fully formed in his head, working as visio...

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'Steve Jobs: iChanged the World' documentary airs tonight on UK's Channel 4 (and on PBS in the US)

A note to our UK readers that Channel 4's documentary Steve Jobs: iChanged the World will air tonight at 11:05 PM local time. That's about an hour and a half from now, so set your DVRs. From Channel 4's description: Through interviews with the people who Steve Jobs knew and who worked clos...

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PBS to air Steve Jobs documentary

Coming on the heels of the release of Walter Isaacson's long-anticipated biography of Steve Jobs (and, if you haven't read Chris Rawson's review yet, stop what you're doing and do so), PBS will premiere "Steve Jobs -- One Last Thing" on November 2, time depending on local listings. The documenta...

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Ken Burns documentary 'Prohibition' will debut on iPad and iPhone

Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns's latest project, Prohibition, is set to debut on the iPhone and iPad on September 23 via the PBS iOS app. The first episode will debut on iOS devices, but the three-part series won't be shown on the PBS TV channel or streamed on its site until October 2-4. Acco...

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"CNBC Titans" Steve Jobs biography airs Thursday

CNBC will air an unauthorized biography of Steve Jobs on its "CNBC Titans" show this Thursday. The season premiere of the Titans show will explore "the undisputed king of Silicon Valley for the better part of three decades." Being an unauthorized documentary, there's probably not that much new ...

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Civil War to stream for free on iOS and iTunes

History buffs may want to check out the free PBS video app this week. The first episode of the award-winning Civil war documentary, The Civil War by Ken Burns, is available for free for the next 10 days. The documentary can be streamed through the PBS app or downloaded for free from iTunes. Bes...

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Free PBS iPad app allows streaming of the network's content

Like a few commercial television networks before it, PBS has launched an iPad app designed to stream the network's content to your iPad on demand. PBS for iPad is available for free right now on the App Store, and it has full streams of lots of classic shows. There's some new content as well -- Cir...

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Macworld 2010: The faces behind Welcome to Macintosh

The producer/director team of Mac history documentary Welcome to Macintosh came by the TUAW booth to chat a bit yesterday; Josh Rizzo and Rob Baca shared their experience as the film has taken off, the work they're currently doing to update it and add new interviews, and their expectations for the n...

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Reminder: Welcome to Macintosh airs tonight on CNBC, more docs to follow

As we mentioned a few days ago, CNBC will air Welcome to Macintosh tonight at 9:30Pm Eastern/6:30 Pacific time. Welcome to Macintosh is an indie documentary that provides an intimate look at Apple's history. It's been shown at different times and places over the past year, and you can also buy it f...

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Mac founding-fathers appear at Welcome to Macintosh screening

This year at Macworld 2009, two documentary films about the Mac held screenings. While we didn't have anyone on-site at MacHEADS, a few of us were fortunate enough to attend Thursday night's screening of Welcome to Macintosh. Welcome to Macintosh, a documentary by Josh Rizzo and Rob Baca, chronicl...

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